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What You Need to Know About Primary Teeth on Children

What You Need to Know About Primary Teeth on Children

The parents are the ones who need to take good care of the oral hygiene of a child since the appearance of the first tooth until the little one learns how to clean the teeth by himself/herself. The primary teeth also come with the diversification of the food, which is why a parent needs to understand a little bit about the denture of infants. Our dentists in Dubai can offer details about the primary teeth on children and about the first dental check-up for children. Besides that, while paying us a visit, you can benefit from dental implants in Dubai if you suffer from tooth loss due to decay or dental injuries.

The appearance of the primary teeth

The central incisor is the first tooth that appears at 8 months and then it is followed by the lateral incisor, the first molar, the canine tooth, and the second molar. These teeth start to fall between the age of 6 and 12, and then the permanent teeth start to develop. As for the lower primary teeth of children, they start to grow in the same time with the upper ones, the first and the second molars developing at the age of two. The appearance of the primary teeth is painful and the child is definitely uncomfortable with this situation, but the parents should know that there are different methods to calm down and to get rid of the pain. For instance, your Dubai dentist can suggest anti-inflammatory medication according to the age of the child. As for the home remedies, you might want to use the clove oil which is known as a natural pain killer, but only if the doctor prescribes such therapy.

The importance of oral care for children

Once the primary teeth start to grow, it is recommended to schedule a first dental visit. The dentist in Dubai can offer information about the importance of the oral care for infants and the necessary methods to help the teeth grow correctly. Although it might seem early, the children’s teeth need to be brushed and cleaned if you have adopted a special diet for your child and you gave up breastfeeding. The diversification of the diet means preparing healthy food for the little ones, rich in minerals and vitamins which are necessary for healthy teeth and also for the development of a strong and healthy body.

If you want to know more details about the primary teeth on children, we invite you to contact our team of dentists in Dubai.