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What to Do in Case of Avulsed Teeth (Knock-Out Teeth)

What to Do in Case of Avulsed Teeth (Knock-Out Teeth)

There are cases where people can lose the teeth, due to severe accidents at home or in different places. In medical terms, this is called an avulsed tooth or a knock-out tooth, a problem which can be solved by our dentists in Dubai. If the tooth can no longer be saved, or the root is fractured and cannot be repaired, our doctor can suggest dental implants in Dubai.

Quick measures if you suffered a dental trauma at home

An avulsed tooth needs to be properly preserved on your way to the dentist, in order to save it and to place it back in its position. It is mandatory not to touch the roots and to put the tooth in a glass of milk or in salted water to avoid drying. There are cases when parents with children visit our dental clinics in Dubai because the little ones suffered a tooth loss. If it’s related to the permanent teeth, the parents should know that immediate help is necessary because such tooth can be saved, if it’s properly transported to the dental office

Emergency aid if you deal with an avulsed tooth

If you have suffered a dental injury which involved a knocked-out tooth, it is recommended to go to the dentist right away because the tooth can be placed back into its socket. The tooth needs to be put in cold milk or in salted water so that it doesn’t dry. The Dubai dentist will clean the area where the tooth used to be and will perform a necessary root canal treatment in such case. The tooth can be placed in its position with the help of a metal splint and the teeth around him. This is a well-known and appreciated method a dentist can use in cases with avulsed teeth. In about 4 weeks, the patient needs to see the doctor who will investigate if there is a sign of necrosis, if the tissue healed and if the tooth regained the stability.

Make sure to contact our team of dentists in Dubai, if you want to know more details about the proper treatments for avulsed teeth or about the available dental treatments.