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Treatments for Tooth Nerve Pain

Treatments for Tooth Nerve Pain

If the decay entered the pulp chamber, affected the nerve of the tooth and released unbearable pain, then it is time to see the dentist as soon as possible. Cracked or broken teeth can develop tooth nerve pain for which a proper treatment is suggested. Our dentists in Dubai deal with lots of patients who are searching for answers regarding what causes such pain. The necessary treatments can be offered in our modern dental clinics in Dubai.

What causes a tooth nerve pain?

Decay is in most cases the answer to this question. When decay develops and breaks the dentin in time, the pulp chamber will be affected the most, meaning that the nerve will respond in a fast manner and will start to hurt. There are also other reasons why a tooth nerve pain suddenly intervenes:

  • tooth sensitivity when the dental enamel shows signs of erosion;
  • teeth grinding, a serious dental issue which affects many persons;
  • teeth whitening methods might affect the teeth at a certain point.

Decayed teeth can be restored through several treatments, but if a tooth can no longer be saved, a tooth extraction will be performed, and furthermore, dental implants in Dubai will be suggested.

What treatments are necessary for tooth nerve pain?

As soon as such pain is felt, it is strongly recommended to see your dentist in Dubai and ask for treatments. After a complete dental check-up, the dentist will use several dental instruments to clean the decayed area of the tooth, but not until the nerve is numbed. Dental fillings will then be placed to seal the tooth. It is good to know that a dentist will offer such a non-invasive treatment only if the tooth is not totally affected. On the other hand, root canal treatments will be suggested if the decay developed and affected the roots.

Do I feel pain when the tooth nerve is treated?

For the complete comfort of the patient, the dentist will always suggest oral sedation or local anesthesia before making any intervention. As soon as the area is numbed, the doctor will perform the necessary operations to eliminate decay and the nerve if it is extremely affected. Such intervention will be a successful one if the problematic nerve can be treated in a fast manner, not letting any chances for decay to develop and to turn into serious dental problems which might lead to the extraction of the tooth.

Veneers in Dubai involve thin films of porcelain, in most cases, which can be fitted to stained or discolored teeth. Our dentist can do an evaluation of the teeth, in order to ensure that the above treatment can be offered to patients. As for care after this treatment, they are advised to avoid biting hard foods, to follow oral hygiene rules, and to wear mouthguards during the night. Thus, dentures with veneers can last up to 20 years.

Patients are invited to our modern dental clinics in Dubai to receive the needed treatments for tooth nerve pain. You can contact our team of dentists in Dubai for complete information about the dental services we can offer in Dubai.