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Treatments for Root Fractures

Treatments for Root Fractures

Root fractures may occur after a dental injury and can be diagnosed after a dental x-ray. There are special treatments which our dentists in Dubai can perform. Besides that, for a patient with tooth extraction or tooth lossdental implants in Dubai can be suggested. Our modern dental clinics in Dubai are suitably equipped with top-class technology and our patients can receive important dental treatments according to their problems. In such matters, our dentists in Dubai are here to provide you with the necessary help.

How to treat root fractures

Our Dubai dentist can offer emergency aid in cases of dental trauma or dental injuries, including root fractures. If you have suffered an accident and your teeth hurt, you should see the dentist as soon as possible to receive immediate assistance and help. First of all, a dental x-ray will be necessary to see how the root has been fractured and if the pulp is seriously injured. The place will be cleaned with saline rinses and then traditional treatment will be applied, which means repositioning the tooth and stabilizing it with a dental splint for about four weeks. If the pulp develops necrosis, then a root canal treatment will be provided and then the place will be sealed with special fillings

Home care after a root fracture treatment in Dubai

Patients should consider avoiding hard foods and adopting soft ones for at least one week. Besides that, brushing and cleaning the teeth are mandatory, but with extra care with the place that suffered a root fracture. In order to prevent dental plaque development, it is recommended to use special rinses. In about one month, a dental visit is required, and a new dental x-ray is necessary to see if the root began to heal and reposition. The metal splint will be removed, and if the pulp chamber doesn’t look normal, then an endodontic treatment might be required. Make sure to consider the most important recommendations from our dentist in Dubai, if you want to recover in a fast and proper manner, without having to deal with extra dental treatments.

Contact our team of dentists in Dubai for additional information about the available treatments for root fractures or for any other dental problems.