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Treatments For Luxated Teeth

Treatments For Luxated Teeth

Luxated teeth may be the result of unpleasant accidents at home or in sports activities if dental mouthguards are not used. This means that the tooth is a little bit out of its position, with no injuries to the roots or nerves, but with severe pain. The dentists in Dubai will perform specific procedures to reposition the tooth and then will offer home care recommendations. Besides that, our team is ready to offer dental implants in Dubai, for situations when a tooth can no longer be saved. Our modern dental clinics in Dubai are properly equipped with top-class technology in dentistry and patients can receive numerous treatments according to their dental health or problems.

Go to the dentist if you injured your teeth

luxated or dislodged tooth needs to be repaired at the dentist and no other place. Although people might consider they can reposition the tooth back in its socket, at home, in front of the mirror, the things are not that easy and not recommended. The Dubai dentist will clean the area with saline rinses, will make a dental x-ray to see if the root is broken or not and then will make a local anesthesia and start repositioning the tooth back in its place with a forceps or with the fingers if the tooth is visibly not that affected. A flexible wire splint will be added to stabilize the tooth for the next 3 or 4 weeks. The pulp chamber and the nerves of the tooth will be analyzed to see if they are in good shape and if they will not deteriorate after repositioning the tooth.

Home care after a luxated tooth treatment

After a tooth luxation, the patient needs to consider a few important aspects, if he wants back the functional tooth. Hard foods will be avoided for a while and soft ones will be implemented in the diet. A good oral hygiene is also mandatory and the patient needs to brush and floss the teeth with extra care in this period. It is recommended to use special rinses with chlorhexidine to avoid plaque and tartar to develop. After two weeks a new dental visit is mandatory, and in four weeks, the dentist in Dubai will make a new dental x-ray and will then remove the splint. In this time, the tooth is back and fixed in its position as it used to be, but regular dental checkups will be necessary.

You can get in touch with our team of dentists in Dubai for extra details about the treatments for luxated teeth.