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Treatments for Dental Trauma

Treatments for Dental Trauma

Dental trauma implies tooth fracture, subluxation, intrusion, alveolar or root fractures among many other dental injuries. Sports or home accidents are the main situations where people can lose one or more teeth. Such cases require immediate help and a visit to the dentist, in order to examine the health of the teeth and to apply the first aid. Our dentists in Dubai can provide you with information and emergency aid in case you have suffered from dental trauma. If your case needs, you might receive dental implants in Dubai. Our modern dental clinics in Dubai are prepared with top-class technology and patients can receive different dental treatments.

 Quick Facts  
 What causes dental trauma?

– sports-related accidents,

– falls,

– auto accidents,

– other types of injuries 

 Types of dental fractures

– pulp,

– nerve,

– root,

– soft tissue,

– jawbone fractures,

– dental avulsion 

 What is a luxated tooth?

It might occur after an accident. The tooth can be removed from its place. 

 Tooth reposition Made by our dentist in Dubai for patients presenting luxated teeth 
 Fractured teeth

 Can be restored in a dental clinic in Dubai, using specific treatments.

Level of pain during a dental trauma 

From mild to severe 

Treatments for chipped teeth in Dubai (YES/NO) 


Pain relievers provided (YES/NO) 


What to do in case of avulsed teeth 

It is recommended to place the tooth or teeth in a bottle of milk or with ice cubes and then go to the dentist for specific treatment. 

Soft tissue cuts   Can be treated under local anesthesia by our dentists in Dubai
Dislocated jaw treatments 

 In some cases, a surgical intervention is required.

Patients must present a medical history.

When you should present to a clinic in case of a dental trauma 

Right away, as some treatments should be done immediately to save the broken teeth. 

Replanting the avulsed tooth 

 It is recommended to go to the dentist in a maximum of 40 minutes to receive the dedicated treatment.

Risk factors for dental trauma 

– contact sports,

– home accidents,

– extensive tooth cavities,

– lip and tongue piercings, etc. 

Why choose our dentists in Dubai?   We have experience in dental trauma cases and we can provide complete and personalized treatments for each patient.

The first aid in case of a dental trauma

If you have suffered from an unpleasant accident which developed into dental trauma, the immediate step is to go to the dentist and receive suitable help. The possible dental injuries may affect the head and the neck, therefore, a complete examination will be made besides the dental x-rays which include a panoramic radiography of the denture. It is good to know that antibiotics and a tetanus vaccine will be administered in order to avoid the risk of infection. The most severe dental traumas which need surgical intervention or maxillofacial surgeon are:

  •   root fracture;
  •   pulp fracture;
  •   nerve fracture;
  •   dental avulsion;
  •   extrusion which implies the tooth out of its socket on one side.

Treatments for patients with dental avulsion

In case of a dental avulsion, the tooth will be fixed back in its socket as soon as the patient gets to the dentist. One should know that the fallen tooth needs to stay in a glass of water with salt, on the way to the dentist, in order not to dry. The implantation process of the natural tooth can be made in just one visit to the Dubai dentist, besides fixing other damages to the denture, like chipped teeth. If the natural tooth cannot be saved, then the dentist will suggest dental implant treatments, to rebuild the denture and to fix the appearance. It is good to know that children under the age of 10 to 11 who suffer from tooth loss will not receive dental implantation because the permanent teeth will take their place.

What are the treatments for luxated teeth?

For subluxations, which imply the damage to the periodontal ligament and no tooth movement, the dentist will administrate anti-inflammatory medications. For a lateral luxation, the Dubai dentist will reposition the tooth back in its place after oral sedation. Moreover, root canal treatments are usually necessary for dislodged teeth, mentioning that such a treatment is made after a few days following the emergency treatment. Also, your endodontist or general dentist might need to place medication inside the tooth as part of the root canal treatment.

Who can fix traumatic dental injuries?

Endodontists are specialized dentists in treating dental traumas and injuries and the ones who can save the problematic teeth with the help of advanced techniques. It is important to look for an endodontist if you have suffered dental trauma or injury. Emergency dental cases are treated extremely seriously and the experience and skills of an endodontist will weigh much when having such a case, mentioning that acting rapidly will lead to a successful denture repair. The American Association of Endodontists explains in large lines the differences between a dental injury, a dental emergency and other types of dental treatments, putting the accent on the importance of acting quickly when it comes to losing a tooth due to an accident.

Dealing with chipped or fractured teeth

Sports accidents and other contact injuries happen quite often and traumatic dental injuries that occur should be rapidly treated. In the case of fractured and chipped teeth, the dental treatments are not that complex, however. After a brief dental examination, the dentist in Dubai will know how to repair the injured tooth: putting a tooth-colored filing or reattaching the natural tooth. In some cases, there is a need for an artificial dental crown, in order to properly restore the fractured or chipped tooth. It is important to know that special care and attention is needed for cases of dental injuries where the pulp and the nerve are exposed. Definitely a pain medication is offered by the dentist and then a dental treatment can commence. Symptoms like pain when drinking cold or hot beverages should immediately warn a person and send him to the dentist with away. You can get in touch with one of our dentists in Dubai and find out more about how dental traumas and injuries are treated.

Children and dental injuries

Chipped primary teeth on children can be restored and dislodged teeth repositioned. However, knocked out teeth will not be replaced ad that because the permanent teeth will shortly appear. A dentist will know and observe the development of the new set of teeth, recommending additional dental visits. It is important to pay attention to the denture of kids, as a parent, and teach them how to maintain healthy teeth, even when a dental injury or trauma took place. This means that several dental treatments might be needed, particularly during the period when the new denture begins to develop. Feel free to talk to one of our pediatric dentists and find out more details about the treatments to preserve healthy dentures for kids.

Oral care treatments after dental trauma

It is important to have in mind the necessary dental treatments made at home, as suggested and recommended by the dentist, alongside the ones at the dental office. There are cases of tooth resorption where the body rejects its own tooth as a response to the painful injury, so specific treatments are needed. The resorption will depend much on whether the recommendations are respected or not. For instance, cleaning the mouth with special rinses or tea, respecting the medication and lowering the effort will prove quite helpful in cases of dental traumas.

Brushing and flossing the teeth twice per day is still recommended, however, these procedures must take place with extra care and attention, in a non-aggressive manner.

 Statistics about dental traumas

Unfortunately, dental injuries are strongly related to sports accidents. According to DentalCare.com, a website created by large brands providing dental care products, alongside professional and certified information about dentistry, more than 5 million people suffer dental injuries each year. Also, you might find interesting facts and figures about dentistry:

  1. The sugar consumption tripled in the past 50 years – it is a known fact that sugary products lead to caries and cavities.
  2. On a global scale, around 3.9 billion people suffer from oral diseases.
  3. Argentinians have the healthiest teeth thanks to the rich fluoride found in their water.
  4.  Around 20% of adults between 35 and 44 suffer from severe periodontal diseases that lead to tooth loss.
  5. In most of the cases, unhealthy diets based on sugars, poor oral health and tobacco use lead to varied oral diseases.

Please feel free to contact our team of dentists in Dubai if you need emergency aid in case of dental trauma.