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Treatment for Tooth Sensitivity

Treatment for Tooth Sensitivity

People feel tooth sensitivity when drinking and eating hot and cold products and if such problem comes with swollen and bleeding gums, it is time to see the dentist who can detect the oral issues. We invite you in our modern dental clinics in Dubai for suitable treatments in this matter. If it is necessary, you can also receive dental implants in Dubai, made by our specialized team of dentists in Dubai.

Why does tooth sensitivity develop?

Patients with periodontal diseasescavitiestooth decay or who adopt a very aggressive tooth brushing can develop tooth sensitivity. All kinds of dental infections and even genetic problems can lead to tooth sensibility, without knowing. Our Dubai dentist will make a full examination of your denture and will establish a treatment plan to reduce and eventually eliminate the tooth pain. The exposure of the dentin, the important part that covers the nerve, becomes sensitive to air, hot and cold foods or drinks, leading to toothaches which sometimes are unbearable. Decay and cavities are among reasons why tooth sensitivity appears, and immediate help is recommended. 

Treating tooth sensitivity at the dentist in Dubai

The dentists will provide a professional cleaningroot canal treatments, filling applications and fluoride treatments for all patients with tooth sensitivity. Besides that, the doctor can apply a fluoride varnish on the exposed areas of the teeth, in order to strengthen them, and also a bonding agent that is used to restore the tooth.

As for home suggestions, it is best to properly brush the teeth with extra fluoride toothpaste which can be recommended by your dentist. You can also receive a fluoride gel to use at home as part of the tooth sensitivity treatment. We remind once again that any tooth problem you might develop has a suitable treatment offered in our dental clinics Dubai, after an important dental examination to detect the cause.

Extra information about how to treat tooth sensitivity can be obtained from our team of dentists in Dubai, if you contact us.