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Treatment for Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Treatment for Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Numerous people suffer from cracked tooth syndrome, a severe disease which cannot be detected from the first dental examination and with normal x-rays. If you feel pain when drinking hot or cold beverages or when you eat warm or cold foods, it is time to pay a visit to the dentist and see if you suffer from crackedtooth syndrome. Our dentists in Dubai can provide you with complete information about the available treatments for such cases, and if other problems need to be fixed, they can also recommend you dental implants in Dubai. Equipped with top technology, our modern dental clinics in Dubai can be your proper option if you plan to change your appearance.

What is the cracked tooth syndrome?

Tiny cracks on the teeth cannot be seen while looking in the mirror, but they do exist. They appear in cases where the patients develop bruxism, which is another serious dental problemGrinding the teeth while sleeping will damage the denture which starts to develop fissures. Another reason why the cracked tooth syndrome appears is eating hard foods, and the fissures can grow and touch the gum tissue, leading to a severe toothache. The pressure put on the teeth while we eat might also lead to tooth fractures in time. There are two types of tooth cracks:

•    the enamel line fracture which is not that painful;
•    the cracked tooth which transforms into severe pain. 

Cracked teeth let the nerve exposed to air contact, giving instantly pain response. Luckily, our dentist in Dubai can detect if you suffer from cracked tooth syndrome and can provide you with correct treatments.

Treating cracked tooth syndrome in Dubai

Although some fissures on the teeth cannot be seen on a simple dental x-ray, there are other ways a dentist can discover if a patient developed the cracked tooth syndrome. For instance, he will use a bite stick transillumination to see deep into the tooth and then, with the help of a microscope he will start repairing the teethRemineralization and fluoridation treatments are the most common cures in cracked tooth syndrome. If the teeth are badly fissured and the nerve is almost exposed, then a root canal treatment will be suggested by our Dubai dentist. For minor cracks on a tooth, the doctor will polish them and then will use a fluoride gel for a couple of minutes. It is good to know that fluoride treatments can also be made at home, considering the whole explanations and indications of the doctor. You might want to change your diet too if the dentist considers this method will make you stay away from further cracked tooth syndrome.

Types of cracked teeth

The fractures on the teeth are easily observed and detected by a dentist in Dubai even though there are different types which can develop. For example, the craze lines are super-small cracks which are painless, and which do not need any particular dental treatment. On the other hand, the cracks that develop right next the gumline are vertical and might seriously affect a tooth. There are cases in which such type of cracked tooth will have to be extracted in order to save the other teeth around it. The fractured cusp is the kind of crack met at dental filings without affecting the pulp of the root. This doesn’t mean that you can skip a dental visit thinking that nothing bad can happen in this case. A serious type of cracked tooth is the one with a split tooth.in other words, the tooth is split in half or in two different parts and exposed to caries and cavities at any time. There are cases in which such a tooth can be saved entirely, but there are also situations in which only a single segment can be repaired with specific dental treatments. The vertical root fracture is often discovered at a dental x-ray and not the other way around due to the lack of symptoms. However, once detected, it is best to hear about the needed treatments in order to avoid any possible tooth extraction.

When do cracked teeth get complicated?

The dental infection often develops when a cracked tooth is not detected in time and therefore not cured. The tooth abscess is the dental infection which can involve not only the gumline but also the bone and the root of a tooth. Patients who have fever and tooth pain at the same time, swollen gums and tender glands in the neck, besides sensitivity to hot and cold products should immediately see a dentist and solicit emergency treatments. There are many patients who simply ignore any of the above-mentioned tooth problems and consider that the pain will go away, and everything will get back to normal. Unfortunately, this isn’t the right answer for such a dental problem and worst of all, the denture can suffer unwanted changes and complications leading in most of the times to tooth loss. Instead of suffering from tooth pain you should look for a dentist and solve the dental problem as soon as possible. We remind that you can receive complete information about the necessary treatments for complicated cracked tooth syndrome from our team of dentists in Dubai.

Soliciting immediate treatment for cracked teeth

Even though a healed cracked tooth is not the same as a healthy tooth, it is highly recommended to see a dentist as soon as you sense any pain, especially when serving cold or hot beverages. The cracked tooth syndrome can only be detected in a dental office after a series of soft and necessary interventions, among which a dental x-ray. The case gets complicated if a person suffered a dental trauma or anything like it because a dental intervention in a fast manner can lead to a treated denture in time with minimal losses. You should know that our dental clinics in Dubai are at your disposal at any time if you have suffered a dental trauma or if you would like to check your denture to see if everything is in order or to receive particular treatments, including dental implants in Dubai.

The prevention of cracked tooth syndrome

Practicing good oral hygiene is always the solution for having strong and healthy teeth. This is also the case for avoiding the cracked tooth syndrome because no strong teeth can crack and develop into serious dental problems. Besides brushing and flossing the teeth twice per day, it is of high importance to see the dentist occasionally or every 6 months. The dentist has your teeth history and can immediately determine if you have developed the cracked tooth syndrome or not, or if there are other dental problems to take care of. Besides going to the dentist, it is recommended to avoid fruits with hard shells if you are tempted to break them with your teeth. Even though the teeth are hard and look healthy, there are cases in which even a simple walnut can make a fracture in the tooth which can turn into a serious dental problem in time.

As for those people performing contact sports, they should know that the mouthguards are extremely important. As the name says, such devices are protecting the mouth and the teeth from shocks and punches which might occur in a sports session. Moreover, the same mouthguards are useful for persons suffering from bruxism, and it is highly recommended to use such a device while sleeping. We remind that bruxism is also the case why the cracked tooth syndrome develops.

We kindly invite you to contact our team of dentists in Dubai for extra details and information about the available treatments for cracked tooth syndrome.