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Tooth Reshaping Technique in Dubai

Tooth Reshaping Technique in Dubai

In Dubai, dentists are becoming more and more popular. The main reason why this is happening is the variety of solutions offered by cosmetic dentistry – from whitening and re-shaping to replacing teeth. So, dentists in Dubai have many techniques and tools at their disposal for turning your teeth into a beautiful smile.

Our dentists mentioned that, before deciding to go along with any cosmetic procedure, at any dental clinic in Dubai or in any other city, you should research for all of the benefits and risks, as well. Of course, every procedure costs, so make sure that you understand how much you will have to pay for it. More so, ask the dentists in Dubai all the necessary questions because, sometimes, there will be a need for special maintenance for your teeth.

Tooth reshaping or dental contouring

The tooth reshaping procedure is also known as dental contouring. Basically, it is a cosmetic technique to change the shape, surface or length of one or more teeth. You should know that this procedure is combined with bonding, which is a treatment composite material used for sculpting and re-shaping teeth. 

The procedure of tooth reshaping 

The procedure is done by using dental instruments, along with abrasion techniques. Before anything can happen, the patient will undergo dental X-rays, to make sure the teeth are healthy. Afterward, the dentist will mark the area which will be sculpted, and, using a sanding instrument, the marked surface will be eliminated. In the end, using a strip (which resembles sandpaper), the dentist will contour the sides so they will be smooth and polished. 

Our dental implants in Dubai are recommended to patients who want to improve their teeth and replace missing teeth. This type of treatment is done under local anesthesia and after a complete evaluation of the patient’s teeth, where dental radiographs are also necessary. We, therefore, invite you, to our clinic, to discover the advantages of these implants and how you can benefit from them in as short a time as possible.

 Advantages and disadvantages

The procedure is, usually, not expensive, but it depends on the work that needs to be done, on each tooth. The procedure will only involve removing enamel, so it is painless and anesthesia is not always used. Basically, it will only eliminate small imperfections, but in case there is any risk of tooth damage, our dentists will gladly resolve the situation before it even happens. Anyway, our experts are always here to help, in any situation.

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