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Tooth Extractions in Dubai

Tooth Extractions in Dubai

Content overseen by dr. Cristina Novac who has an experience of over 8 years in stomatology and is a certified doctor in general dentistry.  

tooth extraction is the dental procedure of tooth removal from its socket in the alveolar bone. When the tooth is too damaged to be repaired, the extraction is the proper solution. The most common reasons to extract teeth are:

–    tooth decay
–    dental trauma followed by a toothache;
–    periodontal disease. 

In addition, another reason is a crowded mouth, which leads to dentist pulling teeth in order to align the rest of them (orthodontia) or to make room for other to grow – when it cannot erupt by itself. Wisdom teeth can often cause pain and swelling by getting stuck in the jaw. Also, the cause of an extraction may be the infection given by a weak immune system or bacteria in the mouth attacking the tooth pulp. Nevertheless, unaesthetic appearance or fractured teeth will lead to extraction. 

Our dental clinics in Dubai will provide dental treatment plans for patients who need dental extractions to be performed in order to regain mouth health. 

Types of dental extractions

There are two types of tooth extraction procedures. Firstly, a simple extraction is a procedure for the tooth that is visible in the mouth. The dentist will use an instrument to loosen the tooth and then will remove it with forceps. Secondly, a surgical extraction is a complex procedure for teeth that are either broken under the gum line or have not fully erupted. These situations need performing incisions into the gum, break the tooth into pieces or even remove some of the bone around it.

In order to minimize the pain after extraction, patients will be gently treated and helped to relax during the dental procedures. Our dentists in Dubai will make recommendations on how to manage the pain or discomfort and prescribe effective treatment such as ibuprofen, paracetamol or other specific medication. Patients should know that pain lasting more than three days, swelling getting worse, and having a fever or uncontrolled bleeding indicate other serious problems. Consequently, the dentist must be called. 

Do you want to get your smile back and you need specialized treatments? We recommend our dental implants in Dubai and the procedures involved. You thus have the option of benefiting from optimal services and treatments for the problems you have. You can also leave our dental office with a new smile, thanks to the experience and dedication of our doctors.

The simple tooth extraction

One of the most common extractions implies using forceps for the visible tooth above the gum tissue, of course, under local anesthesia or oral sedation. The healing process will much depend on the patients’ daily routine, taking into consideration he has to avoid the opened area when brushes the teeth, due to the sensitive tissue. For a fast healing, a healthy diet that contains vitamins and minerals is a must. The Dubai dentist can offer you extra details about the simple teeth extraction and about the treatment after it.

Aesthetic treatment plans

Furthermore, after a tooth extraction, a gap is left and this is uncomfortable and unaesthetic. One of the options for filling the gap is the dental implants in Dubai. Feel free to contact our dental clinic in order to obtain proper treatment plans.

When does a patient need a surgical extraction? 

surgical extraction becomes a necessity for a patient in several situations. In our dental clinics in Dubai, our patients can receive surgical extractions in the following cases: 

  • the tooth is extremely damaged – our dentists in Dubai can tell you if the tooth can be saved in accordance with the decay covered area; 
  • the tooth is severely infected and the doctor can’t perform a root canal treatment (the patient is having severe gum disease);
  • when the teeth are too crowded on the dental arches and orthodontics procedures may not offer good results;
  • development of the wisdom teeth – they grow in an inaccessible part of the mouth; usually, they do not grow vertically and it may provoke various oral problems. In some cases, our dentists have to cut through the jawbone and tissues to remove them.

Dental extractions in Dubai 

At our clinic in Dubai, the doctors will order an X-ray to observe the situation of the tooth or teeth that may need to be removed. The operation will be performed by a dental specialist, called the oral and maxillofacial surgeon. According to the gravity of the dental problem, the dentist will apply a local anesthetic. If the patient needs to remove more (or all) teeth, the dentist will choose a general anesthetic, recommended in such cases. As a patient, you should expect to feel some pain after the surgery, and also swelling of the area. Our dentists in Dubai will prescribe antibiotics to prevent possible infections. After the surgery, the missing tooth (or teeth) can be replaced by a dental implant, a bridge or by dentures. Our dentists in Dubai will help you choose the most suitable option for your dental problem and also, recommend a dental tourism package, tailored to your needs. 

Does the surgical extraction hurt?

All surgical extractions are made under local anesthesia or oral sedation. Regardless of the type of dental problem, whether the tooth is seriously damaged or not, the patient will not feel any pain, once the sedation is made. We remind that the medical record is necessary when having a tooth extraction, as the dentist will have to know your health status.

Will I need antibiotics after a tooth extraction?

In most cases, the dentists in Dubai will prescribe antibiotics as part of the recovery process after a surgical extraction. If the patient has a deteriorated immune system or he/she has a dental infection at the time the surgical intervention takes place, antibiotics will be prescribed.

When is a simple extraction recommended?

If the problematic tooth is not covered by the gum tissue, then a simple tooth extraction is suggested instead of a surgical one. This is also a dental procedure made under local anesthesia, but with the difference that an elevator and a forceps will be used at the time of the extraction. Patients can recover within a few days after such dental treatment.

Surgical extraction for broken teeth

dental trauma is mostly related to broken teeth for which a surgical intervention is necessary. The dentist will determine if the roots of the teeth can be saved or if it is the case of a tooth elimination. Broken teeth can be repaired with dental veneers or dental crowns, but if they are severely damaged, then an extraction will be recommended. 

The recovery after a surgical extraction

dental extraction made with surgical techniques can be done within one dental visit in our modern dental clinics in Dubai, of course, under oral sedation, where no pain will be felt. The recovery period of a patient who suffered a tooth extraction is extremely important and numerous recommendations need to be considered while at home, for instance:

  • the patients should take some time off and rest as much as possible;
  • the hard foods are strictly forbidden in the recovery period;
  • soft foods like vegetable foods, cheese, mash potatoes, spaghetti or puddings need to be part of your new diet;
  • the patients need to consider the medication, especially if antibiotics are involved;
  • the brushing techniques need to be gentle, in order to protect the sensitive zone;
  • a patient needs to use fluoride rinses to keep away from bacteria.

The recovery time should take a few days, depending on the number of the extracted teeth. If you deal with pain while recovering at home, you should visit your dentist in Dubai who can prescribe you some painkillers.

Surgical extraction of wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth usually grow in awkward positions, they get decayed quite fast and they can be extremely painful. Numerous patients choose to get rid of the unwanted wisdom teeth and the main procedure to do this is definitely the surgical extraction. If you want to have healthy teeth without worrying a wisdom tooth might decay the ones around it, it is best to consider extracting them surgically. The patients can recover in a fast manner after such important dental extraction if they consider the main recommendations of the doctors.

If you want more information about the surgical extraction procedures which can be performed in our dental clinics in Dubai, we invite you to watch the video below: 


Socket preservation implications

removed tooth can always be replaced with a successful dental implant made by our Dubai dentist. But before this significant procedure, a socket preservation after tooth extraction is necessary. In order to prevent a dry socket and to not expose the nerve, a blood clot will help the healing in this stage after the tooth extraction. The dentist in Dubai can place a silicone covered synthetic bone graft into the socket, and then close it with fine stitches for a better healing of the area. This procedure helps to maintain the alveolar ridge to the proper level and to maintain the teeth in the same alignment. The next step is to receive a dental implant, in order to preserve the jawbone and to regain a proper teeth function.

How to protect the gumline after socket preservation

After a socket preservation procedure, the patient needs to take good care of the oral health, considering the important recommendations from our dentists in Dubai, First of all, brushing the teeth needs to be done by avoiding the area that suffered a tooth extraction because the gum tissue is sensitive and needs to heal. There are particular soft toothbrushes that can be used when dealing with such dental procedures. It is good to know that rinses are the proper option for you to avoid bacteria development. As a recommendation, the patient needs to stay away from hard food and to consider menus that contain fresh soups and soft fruits and vegetables. The dentist can also prescribe antibiotics to avoid infection.