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Teeth Whitening in Dubai

Teeth Whitening in Dubai

Content overseen by dr. Cristina Novac who has an experience of over 8 years in stomatology and is a certified doctor in general dentistry.  

In terms of dental care, we all wish to have good dental habits, so that our teeth are as healthy as possible. The modern dentistry can offer dental improvements, by applying various dental cosmetic procedures. Our dentists in Dubai can perform various effective procedures to whiten your smileTeeth are white by nature, but certain lifestyles can leave a mark on the color. Besides offering details about the teeth whitening procedures, we remind that any patient can receive information about the available dental implants in Dubai.

 Quick Facts  
Main causes of teeth losing their white color

– tobacco use,

– medication,

– foods and beverages,

– age, etc.

Bleaching – characteristics

It uses a gel with carbamide and hydrogen peroxide, typically at concentrations between 20% and 45%, along with a mouthguard.

Process of teeth whitening

– initial evaluation by our Dubai dentists,

– treatment of any dental problems,

– planning the whitening treatment,

– performing the bleaching procedure

Teeth whitening for sensitive teeth

Our team will prepare a set of analyses to determine the level of your teeth’ sensitivity.

Situations not recommended for teeth whitening

– cracked/chipped teeth,

– serious cases of gum disease,

– children under 16,

– pregnant/lactating women,

– patients allergic to peroxide, etc.

Types of stains on teeth

– inside the teeth (from certain medications or trauma),

– on the surface of teeth

Laser teeth whitening (YES/NO)

YES, we offer this service at our dental clinic in Dubai.

Teeth whitening on false teeth Teeth whitening does not work on crowns, dentures, fillings, or veneers.
Possible side effects

Some patients might have sensitive teeth after the procedure.

Other methods of teeth whitening

– toothpaste,

– whitening strips,

– whitening trays,

– whitening pens,

– baking soda, etc.

Duration of teeth whitening effects

Varies from patient to patient, from 6 months to 2-3 years.


Generally in just one procedure (about 30 – 60 minutes)

Post-treatment care

– regular brush and floss your teeth,

– avoid coffee/smoking/wine,

– stay well-hydrated,

– avoid food with intense coloring, etc.

Benefits of teeth whitening in Dubai

– improved aesthetics,

– self-confidence boost,

– non-invasive treatment,

– fast procedure, immediate results, etc.

Other services at our Dubai dental clinic

– dental implants in Dubai,

– orthodontics,

– periodontology,

– pediatric dentistry,

– endodontics

Why do teeth begin to stain and change the color?

Tobacco use, medication, foods and beverages, and age are the main causes of teeth losing their white color. In time, if you do not take good care of your denture and you do not consider the periodical dental check-ups, you will see the teeth have changed color into white-yellow or even worse in some cases. Smokers will develop green-yellow colored teeth, but fortunately, there are numerous methods that can help them regain the whitening of the teeth. Age is also a cause of why teeth start to change their color because the enamel gets thinner over time, and no brushing techniques will maintain the white color of the denture. If you have in mind whitening your teeth, we invite you to step into our modern dental clinics in Dubai and ask for this kind of procedure which can transform your denture quite much.

Dental implants in Dubai can be an excellent option for patients who want to replace missing teeth and enjoy proper oral health. Such a treatment can be made in a few days or weeks if it is about several teeth to be replaced, but regardless of the problems that arise, they will have a solution in our dental office. You must make sure that you contact us and that you make the desired appointment.

Teeth whitening methods in Dubai 

As a patient at our dental clinics in Dubai, you can choose from three available methods to have a more beautiful smile: 

  • whitening  methods – it assumes that the dentist will restore the teeth’s natural white, by removing stains, debris and plaque that can’t generally be removed by brushing;
  • bleaching – this method brightens the teeth beyond their natural white and it can be done using substances that contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide; 
  • whitening rinses – these solutions can be part of the whitening process which can be prescribed at home after you have received a professional teeth whitening method in our dental clinic.

In-office bleaching can offer very good results in just one visit to our dental clinic in Dubai. The dentist applies a high concentration of peroxide gel that is held on the teeth for 15 or 20 minutes to even an hour. When you will opt for a whitening dental treatment in Dubai, you should know that our dentists will present you a standard shade guide, containing 16 shades of natural tooth color. When whitening your teeth, you can experience an up to nine shades whiter color. If you bleach them, the results are usually between two and seven shades. We have prepared a comprehensive video about the teeth whitening procedures in Dubai and their implications: 

Professional teeth whitening methods in Dubai

Numerous patients step in our modern dental clinics in Dubai and ask for the proper method of restoring the denture’s perfect white. Even though it might seem as easy as we speak, things are a little bit different because a brighter smile involves a few essential steps. At the beginning, the Dubai dentist will make some dental x-rays and then will check-up the teeth, in order to see and detect any dental problem you are not aware of. Before any cosmetic procedure, a patient must have clean and healthy teeth, meaning that any signs of gingivitis or decay must be eliminated as soon they have been discovered. The next step is to plan a whitening method. For example, in our Dubai dental clinics, the most used and suggested method is bleaching. This can successfully brighten the teeth because the solution contains carbamide and hydrogen peroxide in an amount between 20 and 45%. The process is also called in-office bleaching and involves a gel and a mouthguard which are held on the teeth for a couple of minutes, depending on the doctor’s decision regarding the health of the teeth, and also on the wanted type of white.

The results are visible, but please consider that you might feel your teeth sensitive for a few days. In completion of the teeth whitening methods in our dental clinics in Dubai, your dentist can suggest you use whitening rinses at home which are safe solutions. As a recommendation, once you have received the teeth whitening procedure, please consider the main preservation methods: brushing and flossing the teeth, avoiding coffee, wine, and smoking as much as possible. As it is known, water keeps the teeth clean and healthy. If you are a coffee addict, make sure the water won’t miss your table and your overall diet, because the doctor recommends at least two liters each day.

Home whitening methods vs. dental clinic procedures

We all see different kinds of commercials presenting all sorts of whitening methods to do at home. Our advice, think twice before choosing the simple and cheaper solution. Even though teeth whitening kits might be approved by dental associations, you cannot proceed with these methods without having the acceptance of your dentist. Furthermore, it is a fact that the successful methods for teeth whitening are those made in a dental office, under strict supervision and guidance of your doctor.

Baking soda to brighten your teeth

Baking soda is not just an ingredient used in varied cake recipes. It is popular and also the main component found in toothpaste. This is a mild abrasive element that scrubs away the stains of the teeth and creates an alkaline environment proper for keeping bacteria far away. Using baking soda in addition to toothpaste a few times per month will help the teeth become brighter. This is a traditional teeth whitening method used for many years before dentistry developed as we know it today.

A complete dental check-up before teeth whitening methods

In our modern dental clinics in Dubai, the patients will receive a full dental check-up before any treatment. This is also available for persons interested in teeth whitening methods, as the dentist will have to verify the status of the denture, if the patients suffer from sensitive teeth if specific dental treatments are necessary before any teeth whitening method. We remind you that such a procedure will only be performed once the patient has a clean and treated denture, meaning there are no cavities, no tartar, no plaque or receding gums. 

Dental veneers for your white smile

Instead of dealing with bleaching sessions for your teeth, you can receive dental veneers which are thin porcelain layers that can be placed on the teeth. There are many cases in which dental veneers are suggested by the dentist in Dubai, considering the fast restoration procedure and excellent results. Regarding the dental technique, the dental veneers are applied on the teeth with dental adhesive, as soon as a thin amount of tooth enamel is removed. We remind that patients with sensitive teeth will need additional treatments before dental veneers are applied.

Why choose a dental clinic for teeth whitening methods instead of home remedies?

Even though the market offers a wide range of dental products that promise instant teeth whitening, it is mandatory to step into a dental clinic and find out complete information about such items and about the available dental methods for changing the smile. It is a known fact that teeth whitening procedures have certain prices, but instead of repairing the teeth after using inappropriate dental products at home, it is best to solicit advice from a professional dentist.

How to maintain your teeth white

If you want a perfect and white smile you might want to adopt a few handy and useful methods as daily routines or habits, such as:

  • quit smoking (this bad habit affects in a large amount the denture);
  • adopt a healthy diet with vegetables and fruits which help your teeth stay strong and white;
  • don’t forget to brush and floss at least twice per day;
  • try to avoid coffee, wine or other drinks that stain the teeth.

Regular dental visits in Dubai

Teeth whitening procedures are available for anyone in search of a whiter smile and a different level of confidence. In addition to the treatments made in our clinics, the patients should be aware of the fact that periodical dental visits are required. Your dentist in Dubai can verify the status of the teeth and if other dental treatments are necessary, these can be performed in a single visit. You should also understand that maintaining a whiter smile means brushing and flossing the teeth properly each day and staying away as much as possible from beverages like wine and coffee which are the reasons why teeth get stained. Also, you should quit smoking and drink plenty of water if you want to maintain your teeth white for a long period of time.

Cosmetic dentistry to improve self-confidence

It is a known fact that a bright smile and attractive teeth provide a huge level of self-confidence in social circles. There are many people who have reservations about smiling with the entire mouth, if we may say so, and that because for many reasons. Some believe their smile is not attractive, or some might hide their teeth due to different esthetic problems, such as yellow teeth, cavities, missing teeth, and many more. This is where cosmetic dentistry intervenes, an important branch of medicine that continues to develop at a fast pace everywhere in the world, including in the UAE. It is quite simple to turn an unappealing smile into a bright one after a couple of dental visits.

The entire procedure is simple and formed of a few important steps that only a dentist in Dubai can explain. Instead of trying by yourself all sorts of teeth whitening methods, it is best to talk to a specialist and find out all the details you need. The transformation of your smile can start right in our dental office in Dubai, as soon as you decide on our services. You can regain your self-esteem and confidence with a brighter smile and healthy teeth if you receive the dental treatments our dentist recommends. It all starts with a complete dental checkup to detect any other dental problems before initiating teeth whitening methods. You should check our offers and find out what suits best for your needs.

Can a teeth whitening method continue at home?

Yes, in some cases, your dentist in Dubai can recommend specific teeth whitening procedures to do at home, as a continuation of the treatment started in the office. This doesn’t mean that you need to do complicated tasks, and in most cases, it refers to wearing specific mouthguards and solutions during the night. Teeth whitening methods made at home are not complicated as long as they are recommended by your dentist. You should never start such treatment by yourself if you do not have the acceptance of your dentist.

Teeth whitening methods for sensitive teeth

Sensitive teeth can be a real problem when it comes to teeth whitening methods. Some patients might not be good candidates for such treatments, but information like this can only be revealed by a set of analyses recommended by a dentist in Dubai. Cracked teeth, for example, cannot be considered for teeth whitening procedures because patients might feel uncomfortable during the process. The Dubai dentist will recommend specific treatments for sensitive teeth before starting teeth whitening methods. Feel free to talk to our doctors and find out more about our services that can suit best for your needs and dental problems.

Research regarding teeth whitening procedures

The dentistry field is extremely interesting for scientists and experts in the medical field, so varied researches reveal all sorts of debates, whether teeth whitening methods are dangerous or not. New studies detailed by experimentalbiology.org and cited by sciencedaily.com refer to a specific ingredient that whitens the teeth, and that can damage the denture if used in a large amount or inappropriately. The dentin layer which forms most of the tooth can be damaged by hydrogen peroxide, the active ingredient of all teeth whitening solutions. However, there are no risks linked to today’s teeth whitening procedures, particularly if these are made in excellent conditions by experienced doctors. 

Choosing our dental services in Dubai

Whether you visit Dubai for pleasure or for business, it is always a great opportunity to benefit from great medical services in this city, such as stomatology. Our dental clinics in Dubai are equipped with top technology in dentistry, in order to provide excellent dental services to all patients who enter our office. Teeth whitening procedures, dental implants in Dubai, orthodontics, prosthetics, tooth decay treatments, and even emergency dental treatments can be offered to patients in Dubai. Here are some facts and figures about dentistry that you might find it interesting:

  1. people spend about 38 hours brushing the teeth during lifetime;
  2. around 60% of the adults are attracted by a person’s smile;
  3. approximately 75% of school children develop cavities;
  4. there are more than 300 types of bacteria in the month;
  5. the first toothbrush was created in China in 1498;
  6. the cotton-candy machine was co-invented by a dentist;
  7. it takes only 17 muscles to smile.

The benefits of the teeth whitening in Dubai

People aim to have an attractive and white smile, which is why in our dental clinics in Dubai they can find the necessary support and guidelines linked to the teeth whitening methods. Here are the main benefits of teeth whitening methods in Dubai:

  • patients can receive professional dental examinations;
  • professional dental cleanings can restore the white color of the teeth;
  • certain teeth problems can be solved before the teeth whitening procedure;
  • the results are as expected: white teeth and a beautiful smile.

If you are interested in our dental treatments in Dubai, including teeth whitening methods, please contact our Dubai team of dentists, who is specialized in various areas of cosmetic dentistry