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Teeth Removal Cost in Dubai

Teeth Removal Cost in Dubai

Extracting a problematic tooth is often the best way to save the denture or the teeth near it. Unfortunately, the causes that lead to the elimination of a tooth are multiple, and most are related to poor oral hygiene. Find out in this article when you need to extract the problematic teeth and also information about teeth removal cost in Dubai. We remind you that our team of dentists in Dubai is at your disposal with various treatments, including dental implants and teeth whitening methods.

When it is recommended to remove a tooth

Unfortunately, poor oral hygiene inevitably leads to dental problems for which special measures and various treatments are adopted. Caries are responsible for damaged teeth, and sadly, patients deal with unbearable pain and maximum discomfort. Some patients face hard toothache, but also the impossibility of eating and even sleeping. Untreated in time, teeth lose their properties, begin to break, and the root canals become infected. That is why it is recommended to go to the dentist and treat these problems as soon as possible. Here is a treatment that involves the extraction of a tooth:

  •  First of all, a dental x-ray will be needed, either partial or complete if there are several teeth with problems.
  •  The doctor will analyze the dental x-ray and especially the position of the decayed tooth, in order to know how to extract it.
  •  Then, local anesthesia will be used, not before checking the patient’s medical history.
  •  The problematic tooth is then removed with the help of the right dental instruments. Such a process should not take more than a few minutes.
  •  The dentist will disinfect and sterilize the place after tooth removal and will apply some sterile compresses to stop any bleeding.

Removing a carried tooth is a fairly simple and painless treatment for the patient, but there are cases where surgery is needed. In such a situation, a part of the gum will be sectioned to remove the tooth more easily. We invite you to talk to our dentists in Dubai and discover the treatments necessary for tooth extraction, but also the related prices. Teeth removal cost in Dubai depends on the treatments offered.

Average prices for tooth extraction

Molars, incisors, canines, and premolars can suffer from untreated caries in time. In the end, decayed teeth for which nothing can be done must be extracted to save the other healthy teeth. As for the prices for tooth removal treatments in Dubai, they start at around AED 500-600 but may change depending on the complexity of the treatment. The extraction of wisdom teeth can have different prices, given that they are easier to remove compared to decayed teeth that require other treatments too. In any case, it is recommended that you talk to our team of dentists in Dubai and find out complete information about the services offered in our dental clinic in Dubai.

Is Dubai on your list for specialized medical treatments? We recommend that you visit our dental office and ask for information about dental implants in Dubai. There are a number of benefits as a result of such treatment. among these, we mention the recovery of the functions of the oral cavity and a special smile. You can contact our dentists to find out the prices for such treatments.

What to do after a tooth extraction

It is important to listen to your dentist’s advice on treatments and care after tooth extraction. It is recommended to use pillows to lift the head and an ice pack to avoid face swelling. Normally, the bleeding disappears after about 24 hours, allowing you to rinse your mouth with warm water and a little salt. Moreover, the consumption of hard foods at least until the complete healing of the tooth socket is forbidden.  

While some dentists recommend the use of straws to consume liquids, others suggest the use of bottles or cups without any risks to the treatments performed. On the other hand, smokers quit this habit. Regarding tooth brushing, this should be done with a soft toothbrush and without aggressive movements, to avoid any possible bleeding or scratching of the gums.

So, if you take into account a few tips, recovery after tooth extraction can be done relatively quickly. Talk to our dentists for more details.

We recommend orthodontics services in Dubai, with which you can straighten your teeth. Our specialists can draw up a treatment plan and recommend the right dental appliance. We mention that such treatment can last several years, depending on the problems and the evolution of the teeth. But everything you need to know in this direction, plus the related costs, you can find out from our team of dentists, if you contact us.

Why choose our dental clinic in Dubai

We have a dedicated and experienced team of dentists in Dubai who can offer you a complete treatment plan, after a thorough check of the denture. Every patient is different, so the treatments are appropriate. Teeth removal cost in Dubai differs depending on the complexity of the case, but all the details can be provided by our specialists. Here are some interesting facts about oral hygiene:

  • More than 3.5 billion people in the world are affected by oral diseases, according to World Health Organization.
  • Dental caries affect more than 350 million children all over the world.
  • The use of tobacco, sugar, and alcohol are top factors that contribute to most of oral diseases.

We invite you to contact our team of dentists in Dubai and discover the facilities offered in our dental clinic. Together we will establish a correct treatment plan, depending on the budget you have, so you can benefit from affordable teeth removal cost in Dubai.