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Symptoms of bruxism

Symptoms of bruxism

Bruxism is an unconscious habit numerous people have, a severe condition which is related in many cases with painful teeth and even tooth loss. This serious oral problem needs to be treated in time by discovering the causes and eliminate them as soon as possible. Luckily, our dentists in Dubai have treated patients who suffered from bruxism or teeth grinding, which is why we recommend you ask for complete information about the available treatments. And if the case requires it and there is no other option, you can receive dental implants in Dubai.

Realizing you have bruxism

As mentioned before, bruxism or teeth clenching is not something that people are aware of. They just wake up with tooth pain, ear ache, temporomandibular joint pain (TMJ), sore jaw muscles and headache without knowing why. Such symptoms have been related to situations where parts of the teeth are crushed away, or to circumstances where the gum tissue, the surrounding bone and also the tooth enamel are damaged. Such problems develop into severe ones, where the teeth can fall off if bruxism is not treated in time. People with bruxism find out from their relatives (husband or wife) who hear them grinding the teeth while sleeping.

According to experts and present research, people develop bruxism due to numerous causes like stress, depression, breathing problems, sleep disorders, anxiety, etc. Fortunately, there are many techniques to adopt if you want to treat bruxism, which is why we invite you to step into our modern dental clinics in Dubai.

Treating bruxism in Dubai

Our Dubai dentist will check up your denture to see if there are any signs of bruxism you’ve might develop. If such problem intervened and was discovered, the next step is to adopt a correct treatment plan, to get rid of bruxism. For instance, your dentist can suggest you wearing mouthguards while sleeping. Such device can be custom-made and can help you not grind your teeth anymore. Remember, mouthguards are only a temporary method to control bruxism. It is recommended to treat the actual problems like stress and anxiety. There are numerous relaxation techniques, like yoga or nice walks in the parks which can help you destress and eventually having a good sleep with no teeth clenching.

Contact our team of dentists in Dubai for extra details about the symptoms of bruxism and the ways you can treat such unpleasant problem.