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Stomatitis Treatments in Dubai

Stomatitis Treatments in Dubai

Many people face the pain of canker sores which, in many cases, represent a sore mouth that can disturb the capability to eat, to talk and to sleep in many cases. The gums, the tongue, the lips, the palate and inside of the cheeks are the places in which small white injuries appear. If you have such problem, it is suggested to see a dentist, as he or she can detect the causes and then apply a suitable treatment. Our dentists in Dubai are at your disposal with varied dental treatments if you want healthy teeth and mouth. Additionally, you can receive information about the dental implants in Dubai, if you are interested in restoring the denture.

Types of stomatitis

Canker sores are small white or yellow center injuries with a red edge. They grow in the mouth on the tongue, inside cheek zones, gum line, lips and throat area and they are not transmissible. Cold sores look like clusters of red, raised eruptions outside the mouth, usually around the lips and they can develop under the chin or under the nose. Unfortunately, they are extremely contagious. Tooth abscess appears when there is a bacterial infection in the nerve of the tooth. Symptoms of a tooth abscess contain a serious toothache with pain, fever and swollen lymph bumps, and sensitivity to hot and cold drinks or food.

In the video below, you can find out complete information about what is stomatitis and about the necessary treatments: 

Stomatitis treatments in Dubai

The Dubai dentists will do some examinations for blood maladies, connective soft tissue diseases, drug reactions and skin conditions. Sometimes a biopsy is necessary to make sure the mouth sore is not a different disease. In this kind of operation, the area is sedated and a small part of the soft tissue is detached and examined in a laboratory. The stomatitis can be cured and the treatment will make you feel better until the sores heal, but this doesn’t mean you won’t develop canker sores again. Our dentist in Dubai recommends to his patients a few tips to reduce discomfort, such as:

•    using the pain-relieving creams or gels on the sores;
•    eating plain foods;
•    washing with warm water.

Patients with larger or extremely painful stomatitis may need steroid drugs like gels or creams that are placed on the sores, in order to make them heal faster and stop from growing. For the most serious situations, our doctors will recommend a treatment based on injected steroids. 

Improving your physical appearance can start with a few visits to the dentist. If the situation demands it, you can benefit from dental implants in Dubai because such treatments can only have the expected results. The functions of the teeth are restored in this way, and patients can go home with a new smile in just a few hours. We, therefore, recommend that you contact us and find out what the prices are for such treatments.

Why stomatitis appears?

There are many reasons why stomatitis develops in the mouth and certain factors which lead to such an unpleasant problem. Fortunately, our dentist can explain the causes of why stomatitis develops and the necessary treatments in this situation. Here are the main reasons why stomatitis develops in the mouth:

•    dry mouth;
•    herpes;
•    yeast infection;
•    smoking;
•    trauma from ill-lifting dental braces;
•    biting the cheeks;
•    bacterial infections;
•    stress;
•    medication;
•    chemotherapy treatments;
•    deficient immune system;
•    allergic reactions to certain products.

When stepping into our modern dental clinics in Dubai, the dentist will, first of all, propose a complete dental check-up in order to see the status of the teeth and to determine what caused the stomatitis. Once the problems are detected, a comprehensive dental plan will be offered and explain. We mention that the patient is the one who decides whether he or she can agree and respect a dental treatment plan. The factors that determine the agreement on the dental plan are in most cases linked to the period of time in which the treatments are performed, and also the costs involved.

Please don’t hesitate tocontact our team of dentists in Dubai for any other questions or information regarding stomatitis treatments.