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Remineralization of Teeth

Remineralization of Teeth

The remineralization of the teeth is a natural process where saliva plays a significant role. The things we eat, especially sugars and carbohydrates are enemies of the teeth, making the enamel being weak in front of acids and bacteria. Our body is able to reverse things and to control the cavity process, in order to preserve a good level of minerals which maintain the teeth healthy. Before we discover the importance of remineralization of the teeth, we remind that our dentists in Dubai can offer treatment plans for any kind of dental problem. For instance, you can receive dental implants in Dubai if you want to repair your smile and improve your appearance.

What is the demineralization of the teeth?

The cavities appear due to poor oral hygiene and inappropriate diet; the sticky plaque on the teeth attacks the gum tissue and the teeth. The bacteria in the mouth expel the acids as soon as the sugar has been consumed, turning them into the demineralization of the teeth, making the hydroxyapatite crystals from the enamel disappear. This is where saliva tries to balance the PH (potential of hydrogen) level in the mouth with the help of calcium and phosphate, leading to a slow development of the decay.

What is the remineralization of the teeth?

The saliva always fights bacteria in the mouth is known as a healing source our body produces continuously. Saliva contains enzymes, calcium, phosphate, and proteins, the most important ingredients which help the mouth preserve a proper PH and do not let decay appear. The same components work all the time to remineralize the enamel of the teeth and to give strength to the denture. This is actually a self-repair process of the enamel, the main component of the teeth which can be easily attacked by decay. It is good to know that a healthy level of saliva helps phosphate and calcium smooth around the teeth in the remineralization process, the opposite of demineralization. Our Dubai dentists can offer complete information about the remineralization of the teeth as a natural process and can also offer treatments to strengthen the teeth.

Remineralization in our dental clinics in Dubai

Amorphous calcium phosphate, the milk protein casein phosphopeptide, and the fluoride are part of the remineralization process, important substances which can be found in a form of special dental treatments in our modern dental clinics in Dubai. Furthermore, our dentist in Dubai can recommend to all patients numerous beneficial products which can be used to constantly remineralize the teeth, as home remedies.

Please contact one of our dentists in Dubai for additional information about the remineralization of the teeth and about the methods to maintain the teeth healthy.