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How Can a Prosthodontist in Dubai Help You?

How Can a Prosthodontist in Dubai Help You?

Complex dental problems and restoration of teeth with artificial devices are some of the treatments offered by a prosthodontist in Dubai. Such a specialist has extensive knowledge of the area in which he works and can offer services and treatments tailored to a patient’s dental problems. If you are interested in contacting a prosthodontist in Dubai, we recommend our dental clinic in Dubai. In the following lines, you can discover some of the treatments that such a specialist can offer.

What does a prosthodontist in Dubai do and what are the treatments you can benefit from?

Dental implants in Dubai, treatments for jaw disorders, or dental crowns are some of the treatments that a prosthodontist in Dubai can offer. On the other hand, the treatments do not stop here because such a dentist in Dubai can also offer cosmetic dentistry treatments in Dubai. Here are some of the treatments offered by a prosthodontist in Dubai:

  • The specialist can repair teeth affected by caries and other problems, as well as replace them with dental implants.
  • A prosthodontist in Dubai can propose dental crowns to treat one or more teeth.
  • Treatments are also offered to repair the jaws if they have deformities.
  • A prosthodontist in Dubai can deal with aesthetic restoration and replacement of missing teeth with various materials and dental devices.

It is important to specify that a prosthodontist in Dubai has at least 3 years of specialization in the field, apart from the main studies. Also, such a specialist is a doctor of medicine in dentistry. To benefit from the services offered by our dentists in Dubai, we recommend that you call us or send us an email to find out more details about the treatments offered.

Dental implants in Dubai made by a prosthodontist

There are many situations in which patients resort to dental services. Among them, is the desire to replace missing teeth. Thus, dental implants in Dubai are recommended, either partially or for the entire oral cavity. Here’s how things go in such an important treatment:

  • Dental X-rays and even tomography are used to be able to see the structure of the teeth, as well as complex problems.
  • The type of dental implant is chosen together with the dentist or prosthodontist in Dubai. The patient will be informed about the quality of the materials, prices, working time, etc.
  • A treatment with dental implants can last up to several months if osseointegration is needed first.
  • Provisional things can be mounted until dental implants are made by a specialist.

How to choose a prosthodontist in Dubai?

Choosing a prosthodontist in Dubai is not difficult if you are informed and you know exactly what treatments you need. To choose such a specialist, you must take into account his experience, the type of treatments offered, and the information he can give you every time you visit him. It is simple to benefit from the services of a prosthodontist in Dubai and we recommend you to choose our services. Also, if you are interested in veneers in Dubai, you can talk to us about the procedures involved in such treatment.

As for dentistry in UAE, the following information might interest you:

  • In 2022, the dental care market in UAE worth around USD 179 million.
  • According to estimates, the dental sector in UAE could reach and even exceed the value of USD 318 million by 2030.
  • What makes dentistry develop in the UAE is the awareness of oral health and the increase in income, as well as highly developed dental tourism.

We invite you to contact us if you want information about the services offered by a prosthodontist in Dubai. We are also at your disposal with orthodontics in Dubai.