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Orthodontics in Dubai

Orthodontics in Dubai

Content overseen by dr. Cristina Novac who has experience of over 8 years in stomatology and is a certified doctor in general dentistry. 

In dental medicine, there is a well-known legend that says the orthodontics can only be done by an orthodontic expert. And for this reason, our dentists in Dubai can provide their patients proper solutions and services for better and healthy dental care. Orthodontics is a treatment of straightening and also moving teeth, the final result being a new improved smile and appearance. This dental procedure is highly recommended by our dentists in Dubai, after a standard examination of the patient.  As a reminder, you can also receive dental implants in Dubai. It is good to know that our dental clinics in Dubai are properly equipped with high-class technology. 

 Quick Facts  
Role of orthodontics

– corrects anomalies of teeth and jaws,

– reduces the risk of periodontal diseases,

– improves appearance,

– enhances oral health,

– offers long-lasting teeth, etc.

Patients requiring orthodontic treatment

Those with:

– crowding,

– open bite,

– crossbite,

– underbite,

– overbite,

– spaces between teeth,

– misplaced midline

Available orthodontic treatments

– braces,

– clear aligners,

– retainers,

– palate expanders,

– headgear, etc.

Types of braces

– ceramic,

– lingual,

– metalic,

– invisible

Invisalign braces – characteristics

– made of transparent plastic,

– custom-made,

– removable,

– aesthetic look,

– used for mild to moderate orthodontic issues

Dental preparation before orthodontics treatment

– consultation,

– dental cleaning,

– performing X-rays,

– treating pre-existing dental problems

Pediatric orthodontics (YES/NO)


Long-term results for braces (YES/NO)

YES, if worn as prescribed by the orthodontist.

Side effects of orthodontic treatments

– discomfort,

– jaw pain,

– bleeding gums,

– allergies, etc.

Duration of treatment On average 1-3 years
Orthodontic surgery

Used to correct severe jaw misalignments that cannot be treated with conventional methods.

Caring for braces

– regular brushing,

– use fluoride toothpaste,

– flossing,

– avoid sticky and hard food,

– visit doctor regularly, etc.

Braces for adults (YES/NO)


Why choose our Dubai dentists

– experienced team,

– advanced techniques,

– full dental services,

– affordable costs,

– personalized treatments, etc.

Other available services

We offer a full range of dental solutions, including dental implants and veneer procedures in Dubai.

Orthodontic treatments are important and recommended

Orthodontics adjusts the anomalies of teeth or jaws and also decreases the risk of periodontal diseases. If the patients want to exclude further dental problems, such as headaches, neck and shoulder pain because of inadequately placed teeth, they should immediately search for an orthodontics expert.  Twisted teeth or not in the right place can also affect the patient’s appearance. The benefits of orthodontic treatment bring in a more attractive appearance, an improved mouth with long-lasting teeth and, for these reasons, the dentists in Dubai can offer suitable dental services in this area.

When you need orthodontic treatment

The patient needs orthodontic treatment for these kinds of problems:

  •    crowding, when there are too many teeth for the dental edge to accommodate;
  •    open bite means incorrect space between the biting surfaces when the back teeth bite together;
  •    cross bite means that the upper teeth do not come down slightly in front of the lower teeth;
  •    underbite is the mouth with lower teeth too far forward or the upper teeth too far back;
  •    overbite is the mouth with upper front teeth too far forward over the lower teeth;
  •    spaces between the teeth as a result of absent teeth or teeth that do not seal up the mouth; 
  •    misplaced midline means that the center of the upper front teeth does not line up with the center of the lower front teeth.

Several different kinds of appliances are used to make the correct place of teeth, muscles, and jaws in the teeth straightening procedure. The severity of the patient’s issue will decide which orthodontic method is to be taken for more operative results:

  1.     EON aligners are invisible aligners, a confirmed substitute for old-style braces. They are almost invisible appliances that straighten the teeth without using any metal brackets;
  2.     Braces contain wires or brackets and also bands that are fixed around the teeth or tooth and used as anchors for the appliance. The brackets are most often attached to the front of the tooth.

We recommend future patients learn more about dental implants in Dubai. This type of treatment is carried out with the help of the latest-generation technology and top dental products. Among the benefits of this treatment is the return to the normal functions of the teeth, as well as a special shade of white. You will thus have the guarantee that the teeth are properly cared for, benefiting only from the treatments you need.

Orthodontics in Dubai suggests many kinds of braces

Nowadays, patients have a large area of orthodontics treatments to choose from, and here are a few examples:

  •    ceramic braces have the same size and form as metal braces, with the exception of tooth-colored or clear brackets that merge into;
  •    lingual braces are the same as old-style metal braces, except that the brackets and wires are located at the back of teeth;
  •    traditional braces are the usual metal brackets, but modern nowadays because they are smaller and less obvious;
  •    lip and cheek bumpers are planned to keep the lips or cheeks away from the teeth;
  •    special fixed appliances are used to control thumb sucking or tongue pushing and they are attached to the teeth by bands.
  •    headgear reduces the development of the upper jaw and holds the back teeth where they are, while the front teeth are dragged back.

Taking care of the braces, a daily routine

The patients with braces need to take extra care of them because braces have numerous small spaces to trap food and this causes plaque. In this special case, our dentists in Dubai remind their patients having orthodontic treatment the importance of a good brush and wash, after every meal.  And also, the doctors recommend them to avoid chewy foods, like dried fruits, caramel, gum or taffy, that stick to the braces and are hard to remove.

What is an Invisalign device?

If you are looking for modern dental braces instead of traditional ones, Invisalign can be your proper option for teeth straightening. Invisalign braces are modern dental braces, are custom-made aligners that can be used for straightening the teeth. This is often the option of patients who do not want to be that much affected by the idea of wearing dental braces. For instance, such braces can be pulled out every time a person wants to eat. Actually, this is an imposed condition explained by your orthodontist when starting the teeth straightening treatment with Invisalign braces. There are also several important recommendations to pay attention to when wearing Invisalign braces, for example, these need to be cleaned and rinsed right after they are removed. It is also recommended to gently brush the device before placing it back on the teeth. There are also questions related to the ways in which Invisalign braces can be worn during the night. These kinds of braces need to be worn during the night and that because such devices must be placed on the teeth for at least 22 hours per day. If you are interested in such dental treatments, feel free to talk to our dentists in Dubai and see if such a device fits your needs.

Is it hard to clean the denture when having dental braces?

It is not that hard cleaning the denture when wearing dental braces, however, patients should pay a little extra attention to this daily routine. It is highly recommended to brush and wash the teeth after each meal and that to eliminate any food debris that can get stuck between the teeth and the braces. Special toothpicks and small interdental brushes must be used during the whole time you wear dental braces. Some people who wear braces say that their habits have changed a bit, meaning that they brush and clean their teeth 4 or 5 times per day. There is nothing wrong with changing the cleaning routine as long as you stay away from tartar and dental plaque. It is a known fact that dentures with braces are more likely to develop plaque and tartar in a fast manner than normal teeth and that is because people do not pay sufficient attention to the ways in which the denture should be cleaned. You should talk to your dentist in Dubai and find out more about how you can clean your teeth when wearing dental braces.

Brushing techniques when wearing dental braces

When starting the orthodontic treatment, your dentist will tell you everything you need to know about how to clean the denture, with a little extra attention from your behalf. For instance, it is recommended to use a toothbrush with soft bristles. Besides that, a toothbrush should be used at a 45-degree angle in small circular motions for each tooth.

How long does it take to straighten the teeth?

Your orthodontist in Dubai will tell you more about the time in which your denture can change after wearing dental braces. In most cases, such a treatment can prolong for 2 or 3 years, depending on the age of the patient and how he/she respects the recommendations. The treatment will also depend on the proper bite of the teeth if they align correctly. In this situation, a patient needs dental braces for the upper and lower jaw at the same time. 

Extra recommendations for patients with dental braces

Besides the necessity of brushing and flossing for a few times per day, people with dental braces should pay extra attention to the things they eat. It is recommended to avoid consuming hard products like candies, nuts, coconuts, crusty pizza, bread rolls, corn or anything like it that can damage the braces. People wearing dental braces should not be worried that they must change the diet that much, however, extra protection for the teeth is recommended. According to Healthline.com, an important online health encyclopedia, soft fruits, smoothies, soups, cheese, omelets, quinoa, salads, soft turkey meat with mash potatoes, yogurts and related aliments should be adopted at the time a person wears dental braces. An important recommendation refers to the fact that people should avoid biting foods of any kind. This is where you get to be more acquainted with the fork and the knife for your daily meals. Here are some interesting facts about dental braces that you should know:

  1. The first set of dental braces was invented in 1728 by Pierre Fauchard, a French physician.
  2. Dental braces can fix the bite and can correct speaking difficulties.
  3. According to statistics, there are more than 20% of people all over the world who do not enjoy a proper bite.
  4. Orthodontists recommend dental braces starting at the age of 7.

Questions for your orthodontist in Dubai

The traditional metal braces and also the Invisalign braces are two of the main devices used and recommended for straightening the teeth in our modern dental clinics in Dubai. Even if at the beginning it seems like an easy problem to solve, there are many questions that cross our mind when deciding on the proper treatment plan. As it is known, positioning the teeth back in their right place is subject to a long-term dental treatment for which complete attention and care is suggested. As soon as you decided to repair your teeth and restore your smile with the help of braces, it is recommended to find out some details about the services offered by an orthodontist in Dubai. Here are a few questions you may address to our team before deciding for the dental treatment:

•    does the orthodontist have experience?
•    what are the right options for straightening the teeth;
•    will there be a correct evaluation of the treatment plan?
•    what is the proper age to see an orthodontist?
•    how many visits will be necessary for such treatment?
•    how long will the dental treatment take?
•    will there be recommendations for home care when having braces?
•    do I get access to previous works of the chosen orthodontist in Dubai?

All patients should be aware of the fact that teeth straightening treatment cannot be offered without a complete dental checkup and several consultations in order to set up an accurate dental plan. Our Dubai dentist is at your disposal for further information about how you can receive dental braces for your problem and recommendations about how you should take care of your denture in such situation.

Creating a suitable connection with your orthodontist in Dubai

Many patients are afraid of the dentist and for that reason, they postpone the visits to the dental clinics. Considering that nowadays the dentistry evolved considerably, and the denture can be repaired with lots of unpainful treatments, one can address to our team of dentists for varied issues, including the ones related to adjusting the teeth. The dental braces are custom-made for each patient and your orthodontist in Dubai will be in charge of establishing the correct treatment by talking to the patient each step of the process. It is good to know that such treatments may prolong for one or two years, therefore, you’ll visit the orthodontist from time to time. Choosing the right orthodontist will pretty much depend not only on the experience and previous works but also on a solid communication which can be established from the beginning.

What kind of treatments can I receive before the dental braces are placed?

An orthodontic treatment cannot commence without proper treatments provided by your dentist in Dubai. Patients need to be ready before a dental brace is placed, so a professional dental cleaning to remove plaque and tartar is recommended. A dental x-ray is performed in the first place and if there are signs of dental problems, these must be repaired right away. Even patients with gingivitis or periodontitis will have to postpone an orthodontic treatment until these issues are solved and properly treated. Caries and cavities need to be treated by your dentist in Dubai before the orthodontist take the case. It is good to know that once all dental problems are solved and treated, the dental brace can be placed. We remind that an orthodontic treatment is not painful and patients leave the dental office with a major change and definitely a new state of mind. If you would like to know more about the additional dental treatments needed before dental braces are placed, we invite you to talk to one of our dentists in Dubai.

Choosing an orthodontist for your child

Dentistry for children is available in Dubai for all parents wanting to help the little ones understand the importance of having clean and healthy teeth. Choosing a good orthodontist for your child might seem complicated but not impossible, and that because there are numerous dentists with experience in treating the kids, including for cases in which orthodontic treatments are needed. In many cases, parents will have to make some verifications and ask about the orthodontist who treats children and has a friendly behavior before anything else. As it is known, treating little kids might be problematic and that because many of them are afraid of the dentist, do not feel comfortable, might cry or simply leave the dental office if they believe something is wrong. This is where the experience and patience of a doctor will play a major role, especially when it comes to orthodontic treatments. Numerous parents do not know how to choose the proper orthodontist for their children, and here we recommend them to make a verification on the internet, ask questions, call our dental offices and read testimonials before making an appointment for their little ones. Our dental offices in Dubai are more than friendly and parents should be confident that their little ones will be properly treated. We remind that the first dental visit for a child should be at the age of 7, especially if dental braces are recommended. Feel free to discuss any worries that you may have for your child with one of our orthodontists in Dubai.

Looking for referrals for your orthodontist in Dubai

It is true, many people looking for an orthodontist know from the start how they want to be treated, so it is quite natural to make some verifications and ask for recommendations. Most of the dental clinics in Dubai have official websites with information about each dentist, testimonials, prices, referrals and successfully solved cases, accompanied by pictures and videos in most of the cases. The same thing is available for orthodontics, an important branch in dentistry that developed quite fast in recent years. Many patients consider that it is important to have some information about the dentist they are going to “work” with, particularly if we mention that a dental treatment might prolong for some years. The first connection with the dentist is extremely important and that because patients want to feel safe and calm, regardless of the dental treatment they receive. It is quite normal to tell your orthodontist your fears about having dental braces, or any question that might arise. In any case, the orthodontist will provide from the beginning complete information about the treatment to be offered and about future dental plans involved. As a recommendation, patients should get rid of all the emotions and anxious feelings when sitting on the dental chair, to properly understand each step of the treatment and look towards excellent results.

Below you can find interesting information about orthodontics and dental problems:

  • the irregularities of the teeth have been mentioned by Hippocrates way back in history, around 400 BCE;
  • the first official dental brace was invented in 1729 by Pierre Fauchard, considered the father of dentistry;
  • 5 million is the average amount of teeth lost in sports injuries during a year;
  • more than 75% of people do not change the toothbrush as often as it should be;
  • at an international level, $1,8 billion is spent on toothpaste each year;
  • around 49% of men brush the teeth twice per day.

Dental prevention methods for everyone

Decay and cavities can occur at unexpected moments because, in most cases, the oral hygiene of a person was not a priority. The prevention of dental problems regards the methods which help us maintain our denture on normal levels of health. Here are the main prevention methods of dental problems:

•    brushing the teeth – this is one of the most effective dental problem prevention methods, recommended by all dentists worldwide. It is suggested to brush the teeth at least twice per day, for about two minutes each session. A suitable brushing of the teeth can be made with a toothbrush with soft bristles and a non-aggressive method with gentle circular motions. The tongue also needs to be cleaned, usually with the back head of a toothbrush. For a better cleaning of the teeth, you can use an electric toothbrush and you can ask for details in this matter from our Dubai dentists.

•    flossing the teeth – patients are advised to use dental floss after each brushing in order to eliminate pieces of debris which can get stuck between the teeth. Keep in mind that using dental floss might cause gum bleeding at the beginning, but if the problem persists, talk to your Dubai dentist for further dental treatments.

•    diet – numerous foods can damage the teeth, lead to tooth decay and many of them, like fruits and vegetables, can help teeth remain strong and healthy. The vitamins and minerals are necessary for our general health, including the denture. Products like desserts, candies, snacks, candies and acid beverages are based on sugar, the main enemy of your teeth which, in combination with bacteria, can develop tooth decay

Please feel free to contact our team of dentists in Dubai for proper guidance and information regarding orthodontic treatment plans.