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Main Signs You Have a Cavity

Main Signs You Have a Cavity

Do you have toothaches? Do you see little holes in your teeth? You might have developed cavities and it is time to see your dentist for a complete check-up. Toothaches won’t end with the help of pills, but with a suitable treatment, a case where our dentists in Dubai can offer as soon as the diagnosis has been made. Moreover, you may ask for dental implants in Dubai if you want to improve your smile and appearance.

Tooth sensitivity is a sign of cavity

A person can develop decay without knowing at the beginning, and if not treated in time, this problem will turn into a more severe one, where holes in the teeth will appear and eventually tooth sensitivity, sometimes with unbearable pain. The main sign of cavity is related to tooth pain when eating hot foods or drinking cold beverages. That dark brown spot on the teeth is actually a cavity which was caused by bacteria, due to inappropriate diet with sugars and acids and a poor oral hygiene. The bacteria attack the teeth until a cavity appears. If not treated in time, the tooth may start to fall apart.

The stains on the teeth are signs of cavities

The brown or even dark stains on the teeth are signs of cavities. These cannot disappear with the daily habits like brushing and flossing the teeth. Our Dubai dentist recommends full examination and a treatment plan to get rid of the cavity and save the tooth.

What happens if you cannot detect any cavity?

There are persons who do not enjoy that much a periodical dental visit and instead, they simply check the teeth and look for cavities. We remind that there are situations when only a doctor can see if a cavity attacked your tooth, with the help of dental x-rays which can reveal the exact place and size of a cavity. We invite you in our modern dental clinics in Dubai to solicit information about how to treat cavities.

A hole in a tooth is a bad sign

If you have experienced a toothache and then you discovered a hole in your tooth, this means you have developed decay and cavities. It is recommended to ask for proper treatment in this matter because cavities will expand to the healthy teeth around, a case where you will risk losing not only one tooth but several teeth.

Please get in touch with our team of dentists in Dubai for extra details about the main signs of cavities and about the treatments you can receive in our clinics.