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Main Causes of Cavities

Main Causes of Cavities

Tooth decay is the major cause of cavities also known as holes in the teeth and people need to be aware of the damages such dental problem can bring. For instance, cavities will lead to tooth loss and of course an inappropriate appearance. For those in search of improvements for their denture, we recommend our team of dentists in Dubai who can offer complete dental investigations and treatment plans in accordance. You might want to ask details about the dental implants in Dubai which can be a suitable option if you have suffered from tooth loss and you wish to make a change in your appearance.

Why do cavities develop?

Most people are not aware of the importance of the oral hygiene and suddenly they wake up with unbearable toothaches. This might be a sign of cavity, which is why we invite you in our dental clinics in Dubai for a proper examination of your denture. Decay appears when all kinds of foods or debris of foods remain on and between the teeth for a long period of time with no brushingflossing, and cleaning of the teeth. The bacteria in the mouth, alongside with the saliva turn into a sticky plaque full of bad acids which start to attack the enamel of the teeth and eventually the inner layer called dentin. In time, if not detected immediately, such problem will transform into a severe one named decay which leads to holes in your teeth or cavities as they are known. From this moment, the toothaches appear because the nerve inside the tooth was attacked by decay. Our Dubai dentist can make some x-rays at the dental check-up and will start to restore the tooth as much as possible.

Everyone can develop cavities

The acids from carbohydrates, sodas and the sugar from foods are definitely known as the enemies of teeth because they can turn into decay if combined with bacteria. Even the children can develop cavities if the parents did not start an instruction plan to teach the little ones how to brush and clean the teeth. The importance of oral hygiene from early ages will help a child develop healthy and strong teeth without cavities. It is true, the primary teeth will change, but until then, it is significant to adopt proper oral habits from the moment the teeth appeared. As for the adults, the gum diseases and the rich use of sugars will turn into cavities, giving unwanted toothaches and leading to tooth loss if not treated in time.

Symptoms of cavities

Once you have sensed the following symptoms which are associated with cavities, we strongly recommend you see our dentist in Dubai for a proper treatment plan:

•    tooth sensitivity while biting;
•    toothaches;
•    visible holes in your teeth;
•    a strong pulse which comes with a headache too;
•    the impossibility of proper speaking to unbearable toothaches.

Having cavities will stop you from concentrating on your daily activities, which is why emergency dental care is recommended.

Other causes of cavities

Besides eating all kinds of bad foods and besides not giving full attention to the oral care, people can develop cavities due to the following reasons:

•    dry mouth;
•    inappropriate brushing and cleaning of the teeth;
•    inappropriate diet;
•    no periodical dental visits;
•    the lack of vitamins and minerals for your teeth;
•    special medication.

If you have developed cavities we recommend you get in touch with our team of dentists in Dubai and ask for proper treatments.