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Main Causes for Toothaches

Main Causes for Toothaches

As we all know, tooth pain may occur when at least expected, the causes varying from person to person. But with suitable dental care and treatments, the toothache can be quite fast forgotten. Our dentists in Dubai can offer complete information about the available treatments for patients with toothaches. If all the dental examinations say that a certain tooth can no longer be saved, you can ask for dental implants in Dubai.

Why a toothache appears?

In our modern dental clinics in Dubai, we deal with lots of dental problems, and many patients come for treatments for toothaches. Such severe problem offers complete discomfort and many people cannot deal with the daily activities. A toothache has numerous causes, and the cavity is not the eternal reason why teeth hurt. For instance, a sinus infection may cause a toothache because soreness around sinuses and nasal congestion appear on a patient. Another reason why teeth hurt is bruxism, which is also known as teeth grinding. The teeth, the jaw, the neck muscles can give a toothache if a person deals with bruxism. In other words, teeth grinding means violently compressing the jaws during the sleep or in stressful situations.

A sharp pain can be felt when drinking cold water or biting foods. This is an important sign related to a cracked or decayed tooth. A dental abscess also involves a toothache, where the gum is swollen and infected, giving severe pain. Another reason why people can develop a toothache implies a poor oral dental hygiene where decay takes control of the teeth. Our dentist in Dubai can offer special treatments for toothaches that have a certain basis.

Go to the dentist if you have a toothache

The dental problems can be discovered in time if you periodically see your dentist. If there is a sign of a small and intermittent pain, it is recommended to make some dental investigationsTooth decay can develop even if you adopt a proper brushing and flossing. A wisdom tooth can also give severe pain, therefore, a tooth extraction needs to be done by your Dubai dentistTooth sensitivity will lead to the impossibility of properly eating and drinking, transforming into an unpleasant and unwanted toothache. It is true, many people ignore these signs and come to the dentist in the last minute when there is nothing left to do with the tooth. It is recommended to avoid this kind of situation and to accept and understand the importance of dental visits.

Please feel free to contact our team of dentists in Dubai for additional information about the toothache problems and the available dental treatments.