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Lower Jaw Overdenture Treatment

Lower Jaw Overdenture Treatment

Losing the teeth is a significant health problem for each and everyone of us, which leads to embarrassment and cutting off most of the social activities. But there is a solution: you can think of different dental implant treatments available in our modern dental clinics in Dubai. The necessary information and recommendations in this matter can be obtained from our dentists in Dubai.

Regain the confidence with a lower jaw overdenture treatment in Dubai

The two-implant lower jaw overdenture is an operative solution that offers stability, comfort and a proper function of the denture. The Dubai dentist is able to provide you with such dental treatment after a suitable examination of your dental health. The lower law overdenture treatment will definitely improve your smile and will reduce the negative process of bone loss.

It is recommended to receive such treatment right after the tooth loss took place, in order to preserve the jaw bone and to avoid the facial changes that come with the loss of the teeth. You should know that every patient is a suitable candidate for a lower jaw overdenture or for the two-implant overdenture treatment in Dubai if a tooth extraction was involved. The entire surgical dental procedure can be made under oral sedation or local anesthesia, after certain health examinations.

Details about the lower jaw overdenture treatment in Dubai

The dental treatment implies the main steps involved in a dental implant treatment, where the attachments or the titanium abutments are placed. The next phase implies the osseointegration process, where the attachments are mixing with the jaw bone. The two implants will then receive the mandibular denture which can be removed in order to clean it and wash it. The final result is as expected because the entire denture will be improved and then the patient will properly eat and speak. This type of dental implant has lower prices, no side effects and can last a lifetime if correct brushing and cleaning is applied.

Patients who suffer from tooth loss can receive lower jaw overdenture treatments in Dubai, in order to improve the smile, the confidence and also the significant quality of life. If you choose this kind of dental treatment, a few visits to your dentist might be necessary to be scheduled in time.

Make sure to contact our team of dentists in Dubai, for extra information or recommendations about the lower jaw overdenture treatments.