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Lasers Used for Diagnosis

Lasers Used for Diagnosis

Lasers are used in dentistry for more than 20 years and are less invasive than traditional dental instruments such as, drills, scalpels or needles. Most of the lasers are using water to perform the cutting procedures, having the laser energy passing into a water spray.  The lasers can be used for tooth extractionsgum tissue reshaping or biopsy. In order to receive laser procedures, our dentists in Dubai will properly examine your dental history and oral health. It is good to know that you can also receive successful dental implants in Dubai.

The meaning of laser diagnosis

The dental treatment decisions must be 100% accurate and the laser procedure can offer this percentage due to its detection aid that can analyze the tooth decay amount and the bacteria activity. The laser dentistry diagnosis can offer details about the early stages of tooth decay, about tooth fissures, helping the Dubai dentist to properly treat cavities and propose effective treatments to all patients with dental problems.

For periodontal treatments or for oral surgery like biopsies, the dentist will use the soft-tissue laser for better visualization and performance. Using lasers on different dental problems instead of drills and other dental instruments will reduce a patient’s anxiety and no anesthesia is necessary.

The procedures that require laser treatments

In our modern dental clinics in Dubai you can receive teeth-whitening treatments, and our dentists will use teeth-bleaching solutions activated by laser energy, that can hurry the whitening procedure. Lasers are also used to eliminate mouth lesions and to release the pain caused by unwanted abscesses. They are also used to eliminate tooth decay and to prepare the enamel for filling placement.

Are you interested in the advantages offered by dental implants in Dubai? You can talk to our dentists and find out answers to all the questions you have. It is good to know that such a treatment is done under local anesthesia, with minimal discomfort for the patient. But, first of all, dental x-rays and the presentation of the medical history are needed. In the end, however, patients will enjoy regaining the full functions of their teeth, as well as a winning smile.

If you are having questions about lasers used for diagnosis or for dental procedures, you can contact our dentists in Dubai.