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How to Treat Yellow Teeth

How to Treat Yellow Teeth

Besides aging, teeth get yellow because of the products we eat on a daily basis, alongside with smoking which is known as the main cause why the denture loses the bright white. Luckily, there are varied methods which can treat the yellow teeth, and many of them can be explained and offered by our team of dentists in Dubai. Additionally, our doctors can help patients regain the smile with the help of dental implants in Dubai.

Main causes of yellow teeth

Teeth suffer all kinds of changes in time. They become yellow in most cases due to our daily habits like smoking and all kinds of diets where coffee is a start. Sugary and carbonated drinks, wine, sweets, taking an antibiotics prescription and not serving enough minerals and vitamins from fruits and vegetables are also causes why teeth get yellow. Our Dubai dentist can also explain why teeth get discolored, and here we mention that the thin enamel lets the dentin show a different kind of tone which is usually darker than the enamel. The acids from foods attack in time the enamel, a reason why it gets thin. Also, a dry mouth can lead in many cases to not that white teeth because saliva can no longer protect the denture. It is suggested to drink plenty of water in order to maintain a proper level of PH in the mouth and cleaned teeth.

Treatments for yellow teeth in Dubai

In our modern dental clinics in Dubai, patients can receive teeth whitening treatments with the help of bleaching kits or laser whitening. First of all, the Dubai dentist will make a dental check-up in order to see if the denture can support teeth whitening methods. There is a case where a professional dental cleaning might clean discolored and yellow teeth by eliminating the stains. Once such treatment is done in our clinics, your dentist can recommend special rinses to use at home.

In some cases, the teeth can be whitened with the help of ceramic veneers, but only if the doctor recommends. White teeth improve the overall aspect of a person. With many dental treatments available, and an advanced technology in dentistry, a patient can treat yellow teeth.

We invite you to contact our Dubai team of dentists for information about the available dental services and treatments.