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How to Treat Nerve Damage

How to Treat Nerve Damage

A nerve damage can intervene after a dental trauma or injury. People can accidentally hurt their teeth, a severe situation where teeth can be chipped or broken. Such cases require immediate aid and an urgent visit to your dentist in Dubai. The doctor can offer dental implants in Dubai, if the teeth are severely damaged and cannot be saved. These are significant cases, which are going to be treated with full attention and care in our modern dental clinics in Dubai.

Emergency aid in case of nerve damage

The nerve or the dental pulp inside the tooth can give extreme pain if it was badly injured. In many cases, the nerve of the tooth can have contact with the air right after you have suffered a dental trauma. The Dubai dentist will analyze the area, will numb the tooth and then will prepare a root canal treatment or an endodontic treatment as it is known. If the tooth was dislodged, the dentist will place it back in its position and will seal it with a wire splint to offer stability during the healing period. If a fractured or chipped tooth is involved, a tooth-colored filling will be used, in order to restore the shape and the color. The entire procedure is made under oral sedation and no pain will be felt. You are advised to tell your dentist if you suffer from dental anxiety because there are many methods to get rid of such unpleasant feelings.

What to do after the dental treatment for nerve damage

Patients who want to regain the proper functions of the teeth should consider the recommendations of the dentists in Dubai. Among those we remind the following:

•    carefully brush the teeth in the injured area;
•    avoid flossing the teeth in the particular area, if you don’t want to hurt the tooth;
•    use fluoride rinses twice per day;
•    adopt soft foods for a few days;
•    visit the dentist in Dubai, to see the status of your injured tooth.

With a dental x-ray, in our dental clinics in Dubai, the doctor will see if the pulp chamber begins to heal or if there are signs of necrosis. In such cases, the area will be cleaned once again and then material fillings will be added.

If you want more details about the emergency aid in cases of nerve damage, please feel free to contact our team of dentists in Dubai.