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How to Treat Discolored Teeth

How to Treat Discolored Teeth

Discolored teeth are in most cases stained teeth due to an inappropriate oral hygiene or other unhealthy habits. Coffee, cigarettes, wine and many other products can lead to discolored teeth, but there are also other reasons why the teeth change the color. Luckily, there are several dental treatments you can choose in our modern dental clinics in Dubai. After a proper dental check-up, our dentists in Dubai will decide on the needed dental treatment for discolored teeth.

Why do teeth get discolored?

Besides the main reasons why teeth get discolored or yellow due to a daily use of tobacco, coffee, wine or other products, there are also other explanations which in most cases are revealed at the dentist. For instance, discolored teeth may develop if the mother took antibiotics during pregnancy. An internal bleeding of the tooth after a dental injury may also lead to a discolored tooth. At the same time with the aging process, the dentin of the teeth is getting yellow and thinner. We remind that there are numerous products which are part of our daily diets that can lead to a color change of the teeth without having to feel any pain or something alike.  While in Dubai for a dental check-up, our dentists may perform professional cleanings once the stage of the discolored denture has been settled. 

Teeth whitening in Dubai 

Bleaching gels are part of the whitening process which can be done in our modern dental clinics in Dubai. Additionally, the Dubai dentist can offer laser teeth whitening which is also a suggested pain-free method made in our clinics. But before a whitening method is recommended, the doctor can offer professional cleaning sessions considering the level of stains on the teeth, or if the denture is not that discolored to offer teeth whitening methodsRoot canal treatments can be suggested for patients with blocked blood vessels inside the teeth which are the cause of discoloration. Also, patients can receive dental veneers if the denture is that bad discolored it cannot change with teeth whitening methods or professional cleanings. As for persons who want to improve the denture due to a lack of teeth, they can solicit information about the dental implants in Dubai.

Preventing discoloration of the teeth 

Without a doubt, the teeth must be cleaned each day and the proper way to do that is to brush and floss the teeth. In addition to these daily methods, one should consider drinking plenty of water, if possible, each time you serve a coffee, a glass of wine or treat with other colored products which stain the teeth

We invite you to contact our team of dentists in Dubai if you want more details about how to treat discolored teeth or about our available dental services.