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How to Treat a Broken Tooth

How to Treat a Broken Tooth

Nut shells, ice cubes, peanuts or any other hard foods can break the teeth without a warning. An individual can suffer from tooth injury if he practices certain tough sports. Many people don’t realize the gravity of the problem for the moment, but when they do, they should instantly see the dentist, in order to receive a proper dental treatment. Our dentists in Dubai can offer you emergency aid if you deal with a broken tooth and can help you regain the smile. Besides that, you can receive dental implants in Dubai, if your case requires it. Our modern dental clinics in Dubai are properly equipped with top-class technology, therefore, you can schedule some visits to see how your dental health is.

What to do if you have a broken tooth?

Although teeth are extremely strong, there are unpredictable situations where they break easily. Being hit in the face, eating hard foods or dealing with aggressive sports without wearing mouthguards are the main situations where teeth can be injured and even broken. If you find yourself in this situation, it is recommended to see the dentist right away. Our Dubai dentist can offer help and instant treatments for patients with broken teeth.

First of all, the dentist will examine your mouth and the injured area and will offer an oral sedation to release the pain. X-rays are usually necessary to see the status of the dental nerve, if it’s damaged and if special therapy is needed, like a root canal treatment. For minor cracks on the tooth, the doctor will polish the area, in order to smooth the surface. Special rinses with extra fluoride will be recommended for a proper and better recovering of the dental enamel.

For severe breaks that uncover the nerve, the dentist in Dubai will perform a root canal treatment to remove it. Then he will close the area with fillings and crowns if the situation demands such techniques. The teeth may break due to grave decay, therefore they cannot be saved. The dentist will make a tooth extraction and then will offer dental implant treatments, in order to avoid dental migration, maintain a proper oral health and regain the appearance.

First aid when dealing with a broken tooth

Before you go to the dentist, if you have a broken tooth, you should clean the mouth with warm water and then apply an ice pack to release the pain a little bit and to stop the bleeding. The piece of the broken tooth can be placed in a glass of water with baking soda. Make sure to apply some pressure with a piece of napkin or any other fabric to stop the bleeding on your way to the dentist. There are different methods to save a broken tooth, so make sure to see the dentist immediately if you deal with such problem.

Please feel free to contact our team of dentists in Dubai if you have a dental injury, a broken tooth or you are interested in certain dental treatments.