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How to Prevent Cavities

How to Prevent Cavities

Tooth decay leads to cavities if a person is not aware of the importance of the dental care. Those little holes in the teeth cause unbearable toothaches and if dental care is not provided, tooth loss will be involved during the time. Luckily, cavities can be prevented if certain rules are respected. Our dentists in Dubai can propose dental treatments to prevent cavities and numerous recommendations to consider if you want healthy teeth. We remind that you can also receive dental implants in Dubai if the cavities led to tooth loss.

Visit your dentist from time to time

It is true, many of us are scared of the dentist and even develop dental anxiety only thinking of what the doctor might do to us. Nowadays, things are quite the opposite because the dentistry developed quite much in the past decade and all interventions can be made under local anesthesia or oral sedation. In our modern dental clinics in Dubai, our doctor can examine the entire denture and can detect any sign of tooth decay or cavity. If such problems do appear, your dentist in Dubai can offer professional dental cleanings to remove tartar and plaque which developed on the teeth. The little holes will be cleaned with special dental instruments, but if the nerve has been affected, a root canaltreatment might be necessary. Visiting your dentist a few times per year will help you maintain a good oral health and teeth with no decaycavities or gum diseases.

Try to avoid sugary foods as much as possible

Cavities develop when the acids from the debris and sticky plaque on the teeth start to eat the enamel. In time, tooth decay will appear and eventually, cavities will take place. But according to research in medicine, tooth decay and cavities are related to the kind of food we eat and the acids these can produce. It is recommended to eat healthy as much as possible and adopt vegetables, fruits, white meat and cereals instead of snacks, sweets, sodas and other unhealthy items. As we all know, an apple per day keeps the doctor away, so does the water, at least two liters/day. But if you feel like you are developing sensitive teeth because of tooth decay and cavities, we suggest you visit your dentist and ask for proper treatments.

Take care of your teeth at home

It is recommended to brush the teeth after each meal, in order to eliminate the leftovers from food on the teeth and to let saliva do its job. If you do care for your teeth, we recommend you get in bed only if you have brushed and flossed your teeth. The last step is to kill bacteria with a fluoride mouthwash which can protect your teeth during the night.  As for the proper toothpaste that can clean your teeth properly, we invite you to solicit details and information in this matter from our Dubai dentists. They can also help you choose the suitable dental floss if you have trouble finding a good one for your teeth. Keep in mind that a proper oral hygiene will help you stay away from tooth decay, gingivitisbad breath, tartar, cavities and dental plaque.

Additional information about how to prevent cavities can be found if you get in touch with our team of dentists in Dubai.