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How to Obtain a Hollywood Smile in Dubai

How to Obtain a Hollywood Smile in Dubai

Content overseen by dr. Cristina Novac who has an experience of over 8 years in stomatology and is a certified doctor in general dentistry.  

There is no secret, people dream of a perfect white denture, and what better inspiration than the stunning smile of movie stars and VIPs? At our modern dental clinics in Dubai, you can ask our dentists how to obtain a Hollywood smile in Dubai. Using top technology in dentistry and offering quality dental services, our dentists in Dubai are at your disposal with complete information about teeth whitening methods and varied dental procedures that can dramatically change your appearance.

Restoring the teeth for a perfect smile

An overall beautiful smile can be reestablished once the dental problems are solved. For instance, there are patients with chipped or uneven teeth or who have gaps between the teeth. For such problems, there are several solutions, but if you don’t want to wait that long, your Dubai dentist can suggest a fast and successful solution: dental veneers. These are thin porcelain layers which can be custom-made to your teeth, and most importantly, you can choose the type of white you wish to impress with. Veneers are easily placed on the teeth with the help of a special bond named cement, they are practically undetectable, they do not create the impression of big teeth, do not stain and above all, veneers are resistant. This is a suitable and preferred option for many TV or movie stars around the world or simply the proper method to obtain a Hollywood smile.

Teeth whitening in Dubai

Another option for those interested in obtaining an attractive smile is theteeth whitening method available in our clinics. Whether performed with dental lasers or with bleaching procedures, the result is stunning and rapid because the patient can restore the white of the teeth after only one visit to the dentist. We mention that the teeth whitening procedure will take place only if other dental problems that have been revealed at the dental check-up will be solved. The amount of bleach a dentist can offer will pretty much depend on the shade of white a patient wants and if the dentist considers that the denture is healthy enough for this type of procedure. Obtaining a Hollywood smile in Dubai can start with a teeth whitening session and the related home care, as recommended by your Dubai dentist.

Even though teeth whitening methods are used at an international level and in many cases where patients are interested in a Hollywood smile, specialists in America who were part of the annual American Society forBiochemistry and Molecular Biology meeting revealed in recent studies, quoted by Science Daily, that such interventions might cause tooth damage, particularly when it comes to the protective enamel of the tooth. However, dentists recommend patients to avoid teeth whitening methods at home and look for the procedures made in specialized dental clinics because this way, the entire process is supervised, reducing the risks to the minimum.

Dental implants in Dubai

Dental implants are now available for anyone, at affordable prices and particularly for those wanting both a healthy denture and a Hollywood smile. Replacing a single tooth or several teeth or having a sinus augmentation can be made with the help of dental implants in Dubai. It is a known fact that dental implants are excellent replacements for natural teeth and great solutions for replacing the missing teeth. Below you can read a few advantages of dental implants you can receive in our dental clinics in Dubai:

  1. Dental implants act just like the natural teeth, are resistant and can last a lifetime if properly cared;
  2. In order to protect the jawbone from deteriorating, a dental implant can be the perfect solution;
  3. Hollywood smile can be created with the help of dental implants;
  4. Even patients over 50 years of age can receive dental implants;
  5. A wide range of dental implants are available for any kind of patient, in accordance with their needs and problems;
  6. Dental implants have a positive effect on people who can instantly regain their self-confidence.

Hollywood smile addresses to any type of patient who wants a serious dental improvement and who is looking for immediate results, with just a couple of dental visits and varied dental treatments. You can get in touch with our team of dentists in Dubai and find out more about how to obtain a Hollywood smile in Dubai.

In-office or at-home bleaching treatments for a Hollywood smile?

According to ADA (American Dental Association), one of the major organizations in the world activating in the dentistry field, at-home bleaching treatments should only be recommended by a dentist, and not used without guidance and information. Strip-based materials or dental devices with gels can be suggested for patients asking for teeth whitening procedures, but only under the supervision of a dentist.

As for in-office bleaching treatments, these are normally performed after complete verification of the denture. In some cases, patients might need additional treatments for solving different kinds of problems like tooth decay, gingivitis, tooth reshaping, or dental infections prior to a bleaching session. Any dentist will recommend different dental treatments before any in-office teeth whitening method. Also, there is a clear difference between in-office and at-home bleaching sessions, and a dentist in Dubai can point out the main aspects before the treatment, whether the teeth might be sensitive or not. 

Preserving your Hollywood smile

A Hollywood smile can last forever if proper care is adopted from the very beginning. In most of cases, the dentist will recommend to all patients avoid the liquids that can stain the teeth, such as red wine, coffee, black tea or soda. Such recommendations are directed to persons who received teeth whitening procedures. As for those having porcelain veneers, it is suggested to avoid eating or biting foods or fruits with hard shells in order to skip any chances of cracking the teeth. Another recommendation made by our dentists in Dubai and also by dental associations worldwide refers to the everyday cleaning products. For instance, you should use teeth whitening toothpaste that can clean, protect the teeth and preserve the natural color. Also, our dentists in Dubai sustain the use of electric toothbrushes instead of the traditional ones, and that because the dental plaque can be removed even better, according to statistics in this field.

Choosing a Hollywood smile for personal confidence

Having a bright and beautiful smile is for sure a dream to many of us, and luckily, a wide range of dental services are at the disposal of most of the people, depending on the time and amount of money they want to spend. Even if it’s called a “Hollywood smile”, this doesn’t mean that all the procedures involved are extremely expensive. Many dental offices tailor their services to different categories of patients. We have gathered facts and statistics about dentistry that you might find it interesting:

  • the hardest structure in the human body is the tooth enamel;
  • most people prefer blue toothbrushes instead of red ones;
  • there are more bacteria found in a human mouth that there are people on this planet;
  • a woman smiles about 62 times per day while a man smiles only 8 times per day;
  • the well-known cotton candy machine was co-invented by a dentist.

Why choose Dubai to obtain a Hollywood smile?

Dentistry continues to develop on a daily basis, and there are several methods to restore the teeth, one of them being related to the dental implants in Dubai which can be offered in our clinics. Restoring the teeth and getting out of our dental office with a Hollywood smile in Dubai may involve one or more of the following:

  • the artificial reconstruction of the natural tooth;
  • providing dental implants in Dubai;
  • restoring the broken crowns;
  • placing dental veneers to reshape the teeth;
  • offering teeth whitening methods without any pain.

Obtaining a Hollywood smile in Dubai starts with the latest techniques and top technology which can be found in our dental clinics. We invite you to contact our team of dentists in Dubai for more information about our dental services.