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How to Deal with Tooth Eruption at Babies

How to Deal with Tooth Eruption at Babies

The tooth eruption on children is a natural process with a major significance, where parents need to offer complete attention to each sign and to ease the pain of the little ones. Swollen gums, irritability, and discomfort come as soon as the teeth try to erupt and make a way out through the gums. Our dentists in Dubai are pleased to offer the parents comprehensive information and recommendations about the tooth eruption on children and about how to deal with such a problem. Among many others, all patients can receive details about the dental implants in Dubai and the cases when such treatments are necessary.

The first signs of teeth eruption on babies

The first tooth starts to erupt when the baby is six months old and the process ends at the age of two. The symptoms of teeth eruption may differ from child to child, but the main ones are related to the swollen and red gums with visible lumps, discomfort, increased drooling, fussiness, crankiness, decreased sleeping and the refusal of feeding. When the teeth start to make a way out, the baby needs to chew solid items like rubber toys. The irritability might prolong about two months, depending pretty much on the speed at which the teeth start to appear. The parents can easily notice the signs of the baby teeth eruption and they are the ones who need to ease the pain and to adopt specific treatments.

We remind that our Dubai dentist can help you in cases of tooth eruption on your baby and can make the proper recommendations to treat the pain and to make the child feel as comfortable as possible during this important process. We invite all parents in our modern dental clinics in Dubai for further information about how to deal with tooth eruption process on children.

The order of tooth eruption on babies

The central incisors usually start to appear between 6 to 12 months, while the lateral incisors get out when the baby is 9 or 12 moths old. The canine teeth will erupt a little bit later, when the baby is one or two years old, about the same time when the first molars start to show. The eruption process ends with the appearance of the second molars, when the child is over 2 years old. For a better understanding of the tooth eruption on babies and the importance you need to offer to the dental treatments, you may consult our dentist in Dubai

Tooth eruption treatments

To release the pain, specific medicine is necessary, alongside with the homemade remedies any parent should adopt. The pediatric dentist can prescribe ibuprofen and benzocaine in small amounts, which are necessary to release the pain and to help the baby through the tooth eruption process in a pleasant manner as much as possible. The warm baths, a baby teeth ring and some pressure applied to the gums are also recommended methods for children with tooth eruption.

Let us remind that for any other information about how to deal with the tooth eruption at babies you are invited to contact our team of dentists in Dubai