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How to Correct the Gap Between Your Teeth

How to Correct the Gap Between Your Teeth

The gap between the teeth is called diastema in medical terms and it usually develops between the two front teeth. Even though in most cases this does not represent a problem, it is recommended to see a dentist and ask questions about the status of the teeth and if it is necessary to receive some dental treatments. Our dentists in Dubai can offer information about how to correct the gap between the teeth. You are invited in our modern dental clinics in Dubai for complete details.

What is diastema?

Diastema is a discrepancy between the size of the jaw bones and the size of the teeth which can produce either additional space between teeth or overcrowding of teeth. If the teeth are too little for the jaw bone, gaps between them will appear and if the teeth are too big for the jaw, they will be crowded.

We recommend dental implants in Dubai and the treatments involved in order to benefit from a beautiful smile and regain the functions of the teeth. We mention that treatments of this kind are performed with the latest technology to be able to offer our patients the results they want. Depending on the dental problems they present, they can receive the respective treatments in one day or after several visits to the dentist.

Why do gaps develop?

When some teeth are absent or short (this situation appears frequently with the upper side incisors) this can produce the upper central incisors to create a space. A diastema can also be produced by an extra-large labial frenum which is a piece of soft tissue that usually spreads from the inside of your upper lip to the gum just above the two upper front teeth. Improper habits can also run to gaps between the teeth, like thumb sucking that inclines to pull the front teeth forward. If the gap was caused by a mismatch between the permanent teeth and the jaw size, the spaces can be estimated to persist through life.

Proper treatments to correct the gap between the teeth

Occasionally, a diastema is part of a set of issues that necessitate orthodontic treatment plans. Our dentist in Dubai will deliver suitable treatments, in order for you to correct the glitch and solve an appearance problem. The patients can receive braces that move the teeth together and, if necessary, the doctorcan propose a full set of brackets, no matter where the gap is, on both upper and lower teeth. And this because moving any teeth will affect the entire mouth. The following treatments are also recommended for correcting the gap between the teeth:

  • if the lateral incisors are too small, our dentist in Dubai will propose widening them using veneers,
  • dental crowns or even bonding can be suggested for correcting the gaps
  • if the patient develops space because of missing teeth, he/she might need dental bridges or even dental implants;
  • if the gap between the teeth is created by periodontal disease a periodontal treatment is suggested. 

As soon as the gums are treated and healed, in most cases, braces can be utilized to move the teeth into the proper position.

How to prevent the gap between the teeth?

Unfortunately, the gap between the teeth may develop at early ages, depending much on how the teeth develop. Moreover, if for some reason there is a missing tooth, you can ask for dental implants in Dubai. There are also persons who push the tongue against the palate, a bad habit that can change the position of certain teeth in time. Losing this habit can help patients avoid widening the space between the teeth.

Do I need braces to correct the gap between the teeth?

In most cases and if the doctor recommends, dental braces are necessary to correct the gap between the teeth. If you would like to get rid of the space between the two front teeth, then dental braces can be suggested. Please bear in mind that such treatment might prolong for a while, and several dental visits are necessary.

Please feel free to contact our team of dentists in Dubai, in order to receive proper treatment plans regarding the correction of the gaps.