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How can Pacifier Affect the Tooth Development

How can Pacifier Affect the Tooth Development

The thumb-sucking and the pacifier are for sure the best ways for a baby to relax, distract a little or to sleep well. But there are specialists that say a pacifier can affect tooth development in children. We recommend you talk to our dentists in Dubai and find out what’s best for your baby regarding the proper oral care. Besides that, it is good to know that any patient looking to change the smile or to fix the denture can ask details about the dental implants in Dubai.

The pacifier: pros and cons 

The pacifier is a convenient consoler adopted by parents with crying babies. According to research in infant health, a pacifier can be a proper solution instead of thumb-sucking, but if used correctly. This magic thing can suitably replace the thumb-sucking which in many cases can lead to inappropriate teeth development. On the other hand, a pacifier can transmit the bacteria which develop tooth decay, and that happens due to the exchange of saliva. In other words, the parents should avoid putting a pacifier in the mouth before it is offered to the baby, in order to avoid the exchange of bacteria. As it is known, sugary products are bad for the denture, therefore, parents should not moist the pacifier in honey or syrup and then give it to the baby. A pacifier needs to be sterilized before giving it to the baby, in order to avoid bacteria to reach the mouth of the child and to affect the development of the teeth

In our modern dental clinics in Dubai, you can receive complete information about how to take care of your child’s teeth and about how to maintain a proper oral hygiene at early stages.

Don’t use the pacifier too much 

If the child is happy, the mother is happy too, therefore, a pacifier can be in many ways the right solution for the baby. But if used in an excessive manner, a pacifier can affect the milk teeth of the baby. For instance, the teeth can get crooked, can badly align, or the teeth can grow in awkward positions. It is good to know that a pacifier needs to be cleaned each time it is used and if it becomes discolored or cracked it is recommended to replace it.

If you are interested in more information about how a pacifier can affect the tooth development of your baby, you are invited to contact our team of dentists in Dubai.