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First Visit of a Child to a Dentist

First Visit of a Child to a Dentist

Dentists worldwide recommend to all parents to give full attention to the child’s oral hygiene as soon as the first teeth appear. The first dental visit should be scheduled when the baby is one-year-old, when the teeth are almost there. But how do parents deal with the fear of the dentist when their children are involved? Are there any recommendations to consider before going to the dentist with your little one? There are many questions which we are about to answer, mentioning that our dentists in Dubai are ready to offer help in this important matter. Besides the dental treatments for children, we remind that adult patients can receive dental implants in Dubai if they have suffered from tooth loss or simply want to improve the denture and the appearance.

Parents, be ready for the first dental visit with your baby

The importance of oral hygiene starts at early ages and can have a major impact in the life of a child. Therefore, parents are recommended to appoint the first dental visit of a child as soon as he/she is 12 months old. It is true, parents can be overwhelmed and can only think if the baby will suffer on the dental check-up, if there will be any pain, if the baby will cry all the time and won’t stand still in order for the doctor to make all the investigations. All these fears need to vanish in a fast manner because it is truly important to have a child with healthy teeth from the beginning. It is well-known that the primary teeth on children can develop cavities if a proper oral hygiene is not offered each day, therefore the parents will play an important role at the first dental visit with the child.

Our Dubai dentist recommends to all parents to get ready for this important visit and transform it in a funny moment when prizes for the toddlers cannot miss. It is good to know that the pediatric dentists have sufficient experience and treat numerous baby patients, even if they are nervous, scared or anxious. As a parent, you should prepare any medical documents related to your child’s condition or any other health information which can be useful for the first dental visit.

What to expect at the first dental visit with your child?

In our modern dental clinics in Dubai, all parents are welcomed with their children, no matter the age. In cases when a baby deals with the first dental check-up, the parents will receive complete information about how the meeting should be and about the investigations a baby can receive. It is true, the instruments and the noises in a dental clinic are quite scary even for the adults, not to mention the children. This is where the pediatric dentist intervenes in a funny manner, with improvised games and lots of conversation, while he/she makes the dental investigation. The dentist will analyze the teeth and if there are signs of decay, the next step is to gently clean the area with the proper instruments. The mom or the dad needs to talk to the child and to prepare some prizes like finger puppets or other small toys to make him/her feel better. As a final step, the dentist will recommend a fluoride treatment, but the decision is up to the parent.

For any other information about the first visit of a child to the dentist, please do not hesitate to contact our team of dentists in Dubai.