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Endosteal Implants in Dubai

Endosteal Implants in Dubai

In our modern and well-equipped dental clinics in Dubai, patients can receive a wide range of treatments for all kinds of dental issues. Among these, the dental implants are extremely appreciated, as they can change the attributes of the denture and the overall appearance of the entire mouth. Endosteal dental implants in Dubai can be offered for individuals who have suffered from tooth loss and who are looking to improve the denture and the smile with top treatments. Our dentists in Dubai can explain how endosteal implants are placed and how the recovery is in such situation. 

What are endosteal implants?

Dentistry nowadays offers a multitude of possibilities for everyone in search of proper dental services and treatments. Endosteal implants are dental implants for which the procedure of placing an artificial tooth is a little bit different. It starts with introducing the titanium screw, under surgical drill into the jawbone, of course, under local anesthesia. The next step is to connect a post with the titanium cylinder inserted in the first place, in order to sustain the artificial tooth. It is good to know that an endosteal implant will be recommended if the Dubai dentists observe that it is enough space to meet the width, length, and height of the new tooth. Moreover, your dentist will analyze the jawbone to see if it can sustain the endosteal implant or not.

How to take care of your denture after an endosteal implant insertion

As it is known, the dental implants can last a lifetime if you focus on complete oral care each time. Brushing and flossing are still mandatory, but it is suggested to adopt a soft procedure and avoid hard cleaning if you recently received an endosteal implant in Dubai. In most cases, patients should consider resting for a few days, enjoying light meals, and clean the denture at least twice per day. The overall health of the denture and the healing time will very much depend on how you take care of the teeth. Additionally, you should bear in mind that the dental visits are mandatory once in a while, but if you received endosteal implants, it is best to see your dentist after three months after the date of the treatment.

Interested in veneers in Dubai? This type of treatment is recommended for patients who want to regain their smile another time or benefit from a new and beautiful one. Fine porcelain films can be easily applied to discolored, yellowed, stained, or chipped teeth, after which they should be polished to have a more natural look. Our dentists have experience in cosmetic dentistry and can offer you the treatments you need.

More information about the endosteal implants in Dubai can be obtained from our team of dentists in Dubai if you contact us.