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Endodontist in Dubai

Endodontist in Dubai

Content overseen by dr. Cristina Novac who has an experience of over 8 years in stomatology and is a certified doctor in general dentistry.  

An endodontic treatment or a root canal therapy, as it is known, is a sequence of treatment for the infected tooth which results in the elimination of infection and the protection of the cleaned tooth from future bacterial attack. Left untreated, the injured pulp of a tooth can cause an infection that will harm the bone around the tooth and cause swelling and discomfort. If the injured tooth becomes infected, our endodontists in Dubai may have to execute an endodontic treatment, frequently called root canal therapy in order to save it. This kind of method contains both primary and secondary endodontic treatments as well as periarticular operation, as applied to the teeth that the doctor considers they can be saved.

 Quick Facts  
What is the main mission of an endodontist in Dubai? An endodontist in Dubai deals with the elimination of root canal infections.

What is the endodontic treatment procedure?

The root canals or the pulp chambers are cleaned of infection and bacteria, after which the tooth is sealed with resistant materials compatible with the organism.

What can be used to seal a treated tooth?

– special resins,

– sealing materials, 

– special adhesives for closing a tooth

Local anesthesia (YES/NO) Yes 
When is a dental crown proposed?

If the tooth is damaged by more than 50% and can be saved, the endodontist can propose a dental crown.

Can an endodontist propose treatment with dental implants in Dubai? Yes, if the tooth cannot be saved with endodontic treatments, then dental implants can be recommended. 
Surgical procedures in endodontic treatments  Surgical interventions are necessary to remove the gum affected by bacteria or infection.
Endodontic treatments for several affected teeth

Such a treatment can be extended with several visits to the dentist. An infected tooth can also affect other surrounding teeth.

Dental X-rays in an endodontic treatment  

The endodontist in Dubai will provide a treatment after verifying a series of dental X-rays.

Treatments for pregnant women

Non-invasive treatments that do not affect the pregnancy are offered.

Can an endodontist solve urgent dental problems? (YES/NO)


Professional dental cleaning

Recommended after a few weeks of endodontic treatment

Oral care after an endodontic treatment 

Teeth must be cleaned at least twice a day, with a soft brush. Mouthwash and dental floss are recommended.

Costs of endodontic treatments

Depending on how much the tooth is affected, whether the dental crown is needed or not. The dentist's work is also taken into account.

Why choose our dental services in Dubai?

We offer complete dental services at affordable prices. We use the latest technology in dentistry.

Signs a root canal treatment is needed 

– severe toothache,

– tender gums,

– chipped or cracked teeth,

– loose teeth,

– pain under pressure,

– sensitivity, etc.

The use of a dental microscope in root canal treatments 

–  for a precise diagnosis,

– visualizing the most difficult angles of the problematic tooth,

– advanced technology can be used instead of X-rays in certain cases

Is a root canal treatment painful? 

We use varied types of anesthesia to provide comfort for our patients during the treatment. 

Preparations before a root canal treatment 

– taking inflammatory medication if prescribed,

– quitting smoking,

– eating before the dentist appointment 

How long does a root canal treatment take? 

Around 30 or 60 minutes, depending on the complexity 

Canal shaping 

 A necessary procedure that involves cleaning and disinfecting the root canals after removing the affected pulp

Canal filling 

Specific dental materials are used to seal the root canals. 

Tooth sealing 

Dental fillings are used to seal the cured tooth. 

Final restoration 

Dental crowns are used in most cases.

These are custom-made and can take around 3 weeks to be ready.

Temporary filling  Used before the permanent dental crown is ready 
What happens if a patient refuses a root canal treatment? 

The problem can get complicated and infections can spread in the oral cavity without immediate treatment. 

How many dental visits are required?

Around two visits at our dental clinic in Dubai, however, in some situations, the treatment might be prolonged. 

Alternatives for root canal treatments 

– tooth extraction,

– dental bridges,

– dental implants 

Infections after receiving a root canal treatment 

Normally there are no such risks, however, patients should see our endodontist in Dubai immediately. 

Pain relievers recommended after the treatment (YES/NO)  YES 

Endodontic treatment procedure

The endodontic treatment involves opening the tooth, eliminating the injured pulp, washing, shaping, filling, and closing the tooth. First of all, local anesthesia will be administrated to numb the tooth and the nearby soft tissue. If the pulp of the tooth is intensely irritated and, for that reason it is very painful, it may take a while to get it numb and our Dubai dentist will not proceed with the treatment if you still feel pain. Depending on how injured the tooth is, you may be put on medication before the endodontist in Dubai can start to work. Here is an infographic with extra details:

Endodontic therapy, a non-painful method

Most people consider endodontic treatment is a painful and disturbing process, but in fact, a root canal technique is really no more painful than having a filling placed or a dental crown. Once cured, the tooth should last a very long time. Please keep in mind that our team of doctors will always recommend to their patients to preserve good oral hygiene.

Our team of endodontists in Dubai uses high standard technology which includes imaging to identify root canal complications, ultrasonic instrumentation to eliminate deep-rooted canal fillings, and operating microscopes to precisely find, visualize and cover the root canal systems. And before anything else, the dentist or the endodontist will check-up the medical record and the existing prescriptions for every patient, in order to offer a safe treatment. 

Who needs endodontic therapy?

Patients with a cracked tooth, untreated deep decay, and root opening, where bacteria made enough damage, are subject to endodontic treatments that can be made in our modern dental clinics in Dubai. Even if bacteria destroyed the pulp, there are still chances to repair the injured tooth and restore the denture’s main attributes.

Please keep in mind that a tooth left untreated means that the infection can spread and can make the tooth unstable. Instead of thinking about how painful this treatment is and why you are afraid to see the dentist, you should consider repairing the problematic tooth if you do not want to affect the healthy teeth surrounding it. And let us remind you that each kind of treatment provided by our endodontist in Dubai is performed under local anesthesia without having to worry about the pain.

Below you can watch a video with complete information about the endodontic treatments you can receive in our dental clinics in Dubai

Ask for dental implants if endodontic treatment is not suggested

It is true, there are many patients who cannot and won’t see the dentist, even if the pain is unbearable and the tooth or teeth are severely damaged.  In such cases, the endodontist in Dubai can suggest a tooth extraction if a root canal treatment won’t solve the problem. Tooth extractions are made only if the doctor considers that the tooth can no longer be saved. Also, a tooth extraction, no matter if it is made with surgical procedures or not, is performed after certain medical investigations including the ones to see if the patient is a good candidate for local anesthesia. Once the problematic tooth has been eliminated, you can ask for dental implants in Dubai, a proper solution to regain the smile and the health of the denture. 

Are you interested in veneers in Dubai? Our team of dentists has experience in cosmetic dentistry and can offer you the optimal treatment for repairing problem teeth. Thus, discolored teeth or chipped teeth can be remodeled with such treatments, without the patient feeling pain. But for as little discomfort as possible, local anesthesia can be done. It is good to know that veneers have a lifespan of 10-20 years.

Why choose an endodontic treatment in Dubai?

The root canal treatment or endodontic therapy is one of the most important procedures where a decayed or chipped tooth can be saved. The entire procedure is made under local anesthesia, after suitable dental X-rays to see the status of the tooth, if the nerve is broken, or if the decay is too deep. If the infection is identified, the Dubai dentist will start cleaning the roots, and will remove the bacteria and the decay, with the root canal procedure. Then material fillings will be added to close the cavity and a dental crown will be put on top to cover the tooth. 

Choosing an endodontic treatment in Dubai means avoiding the possibility to lose or to extract the tooth. These can be the last options if there is nothing left to do with the decayed tooth or teeth. And if a tooth extraction will be made, the endodontist in Dubai will suggest alternatives like successful dental implants in Dubai, in order to avoid the migration of the teeth. The endodontic treatments in Dubai can relieve you from pain and you can regain the proper functions of the mouth in a short period of time. An infected tooth can damage the healthy teeth around it and the entire mouth, therefore, endodontic treatment can save you from trouble and you can regain the appearance.

Are you planning a visit to the dentist for tooth repair? You can ask for information about dental implants in Dubai and the steps to regain your smile another time. This type of treatment is done with the help of the latest technology in dentistry, as well as the best quality products. You can thus enjoy healthy teeth again, with the recovery of the most important function, chewing.

Dental X-rays before an endodontic treatment

Endodontic treatment cannot commence without a complete analysis of a dental X-ray. Such images can reveal the status of the denture and all the dental problems that cannot be discovered by a simple verification of the mouth. A panoramic dental X-ray, for example, will cover the entire denture, the upper and the lower jaw.

This is in most cases a suitable option considered by a dentist in Dubai before starting an endodontic treatment. Teeth fractures, inflamed pulp, and gums, traumatic dental injuries, broken dental crowns, cavities, and caries inside a tooth, such problems can be revealed by a dental X-ray. Once the dental issues are detected with the help of dental X-rays, the endodontic treatment is then explained step by step by one of our dentists in Dubai. We also remind that such a treatment is made under local anesthesia, so patients won’t feel any pain during the procedures.

Orthodontics in Dubai is the type of treatment needed to straighten teeth. The dentist is the one who evaluates the teeth and proposes the necessary dental appliance, taking into account the patient’s choices. The costs are advantageous, and the treatment is carried out with the latest technology. We invite you to contact us and discover our dental services, from which you can choose what interests you.

Non-surgical root canal procedure explained by specialists

Depending on the type of dental problem, some patients might need non-surgical root canal procedures. Specialists say that such procedures might be needed after previous treatments, if the problem wasn’t completely solved or if the treatment is prolonged. Also, such a procedure can be used to remove calcium deposits placed in the root canals or on the bones or to treat the root surfaces attacked by bacteria. 

Non-surgical endodontic treatments (root-end sections or apicoectomy) are quite simple and sustained by the nowadays technologies in dentistry, according to specialists at the “American Association of Endodontists”. If you need to know more about the endodontic treatments available in our dental clinics in Dubai, please feel free to talk to one of our dentists.

Endodontic treatments for traumatic dental injuries

In most cases, traumatic dental injuries intervene after a sports accident where teeth are cracked, chipped, or even dislodged. These are for sure unpleasant cases a person can meet, so the first thing to do is to talk to a dentist right away. An immediate examination is then offered by a dentist in Dubai, in order to see the damages and to adopt first aid.

A dental examination for traumatic dental injuries is required because the neighboring teeth might also be affected. In addition, the dentist will solicit a dental X-ray prior to any endodontic treatment for traumatic dental injuries. It is important to note that our dental clinics in Dubai provide the services of specialized endodontists in traumatic dental injuries, so any problem you deal with can be solved by one of our experienced doctors. Please feel free to get in touch with us as soon as you face traumatic dental injuries and let us help you right away.

Can I receive emergency endodontic treatments in Dubai?

Yes, we also provide complete emergency dental services, including endodontic treatments if necessary. We are at your disposal if you deal with dental problems for which an endodontic treatment is required. Our doctors treat each case in a very special way, and a complete dental examination is provided from the beginning. Please feel free to talk to our specialists and find out more about the emergency endodontic treatments in Dubai you can receive.

Dental facts you should know

Some people might not know that regular professional dental cleanings can prevent heart attacks. Almost any dental problem is connected to the entire body and can lead to other problems like diabetes, heart disease, and blood pressure. In such cases, regular dental cleanings might be great options.

In other news, it is recommended to pay attention to the ways you deposit the toothbrush, in this case far away from the toilet water. This way, you can prevent bacteria or microbes deposit on your personal things deposited in the bathroom, such as the toothbrush. Here are other interesting facts that you might find them useful:

  1. Around 75% of schoolchildren already have dental cavities.
  2. Persons with periodontal diseases are 2 times more likely to develop heart diseases, according to specialists.
  3. It takes 17 facial muscles to smile.
  4. While a woman smiles around 62 times per day, a man smiles only 8 times.
  5. Believe it or not, snails have around 2,500 teeth, while mosquitos 47.
  6. Blacksmiths and barbers were also dentists back in the 1800s.
  7. A toothbrush can contain around 2,500 bristles.
  8. About 61% of adults are attracted by a person’s smile.

Extra details about the endodontic treatments in Dubai

Sensitivity and rawness may be felt after an endodontic treatment in Dubai, and patients are advised to eat with extra care and to adopt soft foods like purees, white soft meet, smoothies and to avoid drinking cold water. A dental visit will be necessary after two weeks, to see if the fillings are in the right shape and if you can get back to your daily activities with no other worries. Brushing and flossing the teeth after a root canal treatment are still mandatory and will help you maintain a good oral health.

Please feel free to contact our team of endodontists in Dubai for any other questions or information regarding the endodontic treatments we can perform.