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Diagnosis of Sensitive Teeth

Diagnosis of Sensitive Teeth

Numerous patients detect they have sensitive teeth when they drink hot or cold beverages or eat sweet or sour products. The diagnosis of dentin hypersensitivity or simply sensitive teeth can be established by our dentists in Dubai who can also provide you with the necessary treatments. In cases of tooth loss, patients have the possibility of choosing dental implants in Dubai and instantly improve the appearance.

Causes of sensitive teeth

Even though there are situations where the teeth are sensitive only for a short period of time, it is recommended to schedule a dental visit and to receive a proper diagnosis and also treatment. The sensitive teeth develop due to varied reasons, like bruxism, gum recession or even attrition. Without a treatment offered as soon as the problem is detected, the denture can get even more sensitive, with an exposed dentin to bacteria and other germs, leading to periodontitis and eventually tooth loss. Abrasive teeth brushing is also a cause why the denture becomes sensitive because the gum recedes, leaving the roots and the underlying dentin exposed to microbes. An inappropriate diet can also be a reason why the teeth get sensitive. It is well-known that the acids from foods and beverages are the main enemies of the denture. In our modern dental clinics in Dubai, you can receive a complete dental examination and then a dental treatment plan which can contain several procedures to treat the sensitive teeth.

How is sensitive teeth diagnosis made?

Our Dubai dentist will, first of all, examine the status of the denture, with several dental instruments and dental x-rays, and will detect if only one or more teeth are sensitive. The dentist can also see if the teeth present signs of bruxism, as a cause for sensitive teeth. The dentist in Dubai will also use a cold and hot stimulus on the teeth in order to see how many of teeth develop instant pain to the patient. The diagnosis of sensitive teeth should be taken seriously into consideration if you do not want to develop further dental problems. Luckily, there are numerous treatments for sensitive teeth our patients can receive in our dental clinics in Dubai.

Treatments for sensitive teeth

Sensitive teeth can be treated with the help of several dental visits and with home remedies prescribed by your doctor. In the first stage, the dentist in Dubai will cover the exposed dentin with fillings and gingival grafting. The next step is extremely important because fluoride treatment will be applied, alongside with special medication to desensitize the denture. We remind that the treatment for sensitive teeth must be established and applied in a dental office several times, as it may prolong for a while. In the same time, the patient needs to continue with the oral hygiene at home, by brushing the teeth twice per day with a toothpaste with a high amount of fluoride, as recommended by the dentist.

Sensitive teeth can stop you from the daily activities, therefore, if you want to treat this problem, we invite you to get in touch with our team of dentists in Dubai.