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Dental Radiology in Dubai

Dental Radiology in Dubai

One of the most important dental techniques that ourdentists in Dubai recommend from the first examination is dental radiographs or X-rays that are necessary in certain situations. This significant method can expose unseen dental decay and reveal a dental abscess. The dental X-rays show obstructed or extra teeth and the dentists can see the form of fillingsroot canalsbridges or crowns.

The dentists in Dubai, with the help of radiographs, can detect if there are bone losses from periodontal disease, find foreign bodies within the gum or bone, locate tartar accumulation and see if there is enough bone for the placement of dental implants

These are just a few of the many purposes why our dentists from Dubai use and recommend dental radiology in the first place. Advanced imaging technology in dentistry means:

•    highly qualified and trained specialists to perform the scanning services;
•    fast image processing for instant scanning and creating results;
•    machines capable of detecting the exact locations for X-rays, permitting our radiology Dubai services to be highly operative;
•    improved image quality for very accurate explanation.

Advantages of the panoramic dental radiographs

The main advantages of the panoramic radiographs are:

•    low patient radiation quantity, that can be used on handicapped patients, children and on those who cannot open their mouths;
•    the large area of exposure;
•    the bilateral sight of anatomy.

The panoramic method, an important one in radiology, is used by our dentists in Dubai to show a constant view of the inferior half of the face and this contains the teeth, the jaws and soft tissue anatomy. All of these are necessary for a better interpretation and for an accurate treatment for all patients. 

X-rays identify many teeth problems

Dental radiographs can alert the dentist about the soft or hard tissues of the patients and about any injuries of the mouth. When we are talking about children, dental radiographs allow the dentist to see how their teeth and mandibles are growing. 

X-rays can help the dentist identify infections or growing problems before they become severe health issues. The prompt revealing of infection also can limit or prevent further loss of other parts of the mouth and that is why our dentists from Dubai always suggest an X-Ray before any dental procedure.

An optimal treatment for the recovery of dental functions involves dental implants in Dubai. There are several types of treatments, and they are recommended depending on the condition of a patient’s teeth. Thus, a single implant or several can be mounted, if there are several missing teeth. The results are up to expectations and thanks to the modern technology offered and quality dental products. We, therefore, recommend that you contact our dentists and find out what the prices are for such treatments.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our team of dentists in Dubai for further information and treatment plans that also include dental radiology.