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What You Should Know about Dental Prices in Dubai

What You Should Know about Dental Prices in Dubai

Having a healthy denture and oral care should be in the attention of everyone. Some people might go even further and look for top dental services like the ones offered in Dubai. Special dental prices reflect the excellent dental services offered in Dubai clinics, equipped with top technology. Our dentists in Dubai can tell you more about the services offered and about the prices for each dental treatment.

 Quick Facts  
 Main treatments provided in our dental clinics

– teeth whitening,

– dental implants,

– dental crowns,

– teeth straightening,

– professional dental cleaning,

– tooth extraction, and more

 Price for an initial consultation or general examination

Ranges between AED 100 and AED 200 

 Types of dental implants provided in our dental clinics in Dubai

 – all on 4 implants,

– all on 6 implants, depending on the dental problems

 Costs for dental implant consultation Free of charge 
 Costs of dental implants (approx.)

 Around AED 18,000 for all on 4 implants, and about AED 24,000 for all on 6 implants

 Types of cosmetic procedures

– laser or bleaching teeth whitening treatments, – ental veneers,

– professional cleaning,

– dental bonding and more 

 Average costs for dental veneers in Dubai

Starting at AED 1,200 

 Costs for tooth extraction (approx.)

 Starting at AED 250

 Price for consultation before teeth straightening treatment

 Free of charge

 Costs for dental sealant Around AED 350 per tooth 
 Laser teeth whitening  prices (approx.)

Prices might start at AED 900 

 Prices for Zirconia crown (approx.)

 Starting at AED 2,000

 Costs for dental braces removal (approx.)

 Might cost around AED 500

 Our clinics in Dubai

 You can find our dentists in Dubai Marina, Bur Dubai, Dubai Healthcare City, Al Nahda, and other locations.

 Why choose our dentists in Dubai Affordable costs for a wide range of dental treatments, professionalism, experience, communication, etc. 

Dental treatments in Dubai – What do you need

As mentioned earlier, the dental prices in Dubai reflect not only the modern technology used in dentistry nowadays but also the excellent dental treatments and services tailored to the needs of clients who decide to visit us and enjoy the advantages. Here are a few of the dental treatments you can receive in our modern dental clinics in Dubai:

  • Teeth whitening treatments – interested in a bright and beautiful smile? You can ask for teeth whitening methods and benefit from excellent results. Each treatment is tailored to the needs of patients.
  • Dental implants in Dubai – missing teeth can be easily replaced with the help of dental implants. Some might need a single dental implant or others look for more replacements. The results are amazing and the prices are in accordance.
  • Dental veneers in Dubai – Interested in a Hollywood smile? The secret has been revealed a long time ago and relates to dental veneers, which are thin porcelain layers that can change the smile quite rapidly.
  • Root canal treatments – teeth that can be saved might be subject to root canal treatments. The roots of the teeth are cleaned and then sealed with specific materials used by the dentists in Dubai.
  • Teeth straightening – Ceramic dental braces or Invisalign can be excellent choices for patients interested in straightening the denture. Children are also welcomed in our modern dental clinics in Dubai. You can find more about dental prices in Dubai from our specialists.
  • Periodontitis treatments – The periodontal disease affects, unfortunately, a large number of people. Luckily, there are methods and treatments to combat this unwanted disease. The prices for periodontitis treatments reflect the methods used, materials, top technology, and excellent dental services offered in top dental clinics.

Would you like to know more about dental prices in Dubai? Please feel free to make an appointment and discuss all the terms with one of our Dubai dentists. We have specialists with experience in a wide range of dental areas, so patients will benefit from great services and top facilities.

Average prices for dental implants in Dubai 

Dental implants in Dubai are important procedures that simply change the denture and the smile quite fast, letting patients enjoy spectacular results. In matters of prices, a dental implant procedure might range between USD 1,000 and USD 4,000, depending on the materials used and also methods. We remind you that dental implants have higher costs compared to dental bridges, yet you can find more details on this matter by getting in touch with our dentists in Dubai. It is important to know that you can benefit from lower prices for dental services in dental clinics that are not that famous or found in the hottest places in Dubai. Patients can easily choose the type of dental services in accordance with their needs and budget. If you would like to know more about dental prices in Dubai, feel free to get in touch with us right away.

Veneers in Dubai are thin layers of porcelain that are applied to discolored or chipped teeth to change their appearance. This type of treatment can last up to 20 years if the teeth are properly cared for. But before this intervention, the dentist will evaluate the patient’s teeth to ensure that the treatment mentioned above can take place. We invite you to contact our dentists to find out all the details about cosmetic dentistry and the treatments involved.

Choosing our modern dental clinics in Dubai

It is true, facilities and technology differ from one dental clinic to another, but the dental treatments remain the same and are tailored to the problems and needs of patients. When looking for a modern dental clinic that offers treatments in accordance with your budget, you should make some verifications in the first place. We recommend you get in touch with out professional team of dentists in Dubai and enjoy the top facilities we offer. Our clients benefit from an experienced team of dentists in Dubai who act with professionalism, proficiency, and in the best interest. Here are some interesting dental facts:

  1. People spend around 39 hours in a lifetime brushing the teeth.
  2. About 3.5 billion people around the world are affected by oral disease, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).
  3. According to statistics, tooth decay, halitosis, and gum disease are the most common dental problems that affect adults.
  4. Periodontal disease affects nearly 10% of the world’s population.

Would you like to know more about dental prices in Dubai? Please feel free to contact our team of dentists in Dubai and make an appointment.