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Dental Laboratory in Dubai

Dental Laboratory in Dubai

Dental tourism in Dubai developed at a fast pace in the past decades and proved extremely profitable. Besides the dental clinics available in Dubai, the dental laboratories are quite appreciated businesses. Dental technicians deal with the production of dental implants, dental crowns, bridges, and many more. Information about the dental services you can receive in Dubai can be offered by our Dubai dentists. You can find out more about the dental treatments we offer and about the prices involved.

What are the responsibilities of a dental technician in Dubai?

Many experts in the field believe that a dental technician combines science with art when fabricating restorative teeth. A dental technician works in a dental lab and creates dental implants, dental bridges, and crowns, orthodontic devices, respecting the prescriptions, measures, and sizes imposed by the dentist. Here is information about dental technicians and their tasks:

  1. The treatment plan needs to be attentively verified by a dental technician before he/she begins to create the new tooth or device.
  2. The dentist in Dubai will provide complete information about the treatment to the dental technician in charge.
  3. The occlusal parameters, a set of photos, written documentation, functional components, materials, and esthetic requirements are only a few of the aspects verified by the dental technician.
  4. The new dental devices or teeth can be created in the first place on a computer, helped by special programs that use the information provided by the dentist.

dental laboratory in Dubai is fully equipped with all sorts of technology and more. Dental implants made with 3D or 4D technology is available for many years in dental clinics in Dubai and also in dental laboratories in Dubai. The latest technology in dentistry comes with a series of advantages like short-term dental treatments, quality materials, and excellent results. More about the facilities of a dental laboratory in Dubai can be obtained from our Dubai dentists.

Dental restorations made with digital imaging

According to sciencedirect.com, dental restorations are strongly related to digital imaging. The dental restorations made in a dental laboratory in Dubai is based on the support of digital imaging because the entire process will reveal the way a new tooth can be made, with the existing materials. Wax patterns, zirconia, resin composites, lithium silicate, reinforced ceramic, and acrylic polymers are among the materials used in making dental restorations in a dental laboratory in Dubai. The dental models are digitally produced, but until the final work is concluded, a series of modifications might intervene. You can discuss these kinds of aspects with one of our dentists in Dubai.

Orthodontics in Dubai involves teeth straightening treatment, and a specialist in this field can handle it. Installing ceramic, metal, or sapphire dental appliances is simple, does not require local anesthesia, and takes a few minutes. But the dentist will need a panoramic dental x-ray to be able to detect how the teeth are positioned and how the dental appliance should be activated. Our recommendation is to contact us to find out all the information, including prices.

How long does it take to have the new tooth?

The Dubai dentist is the one that can tell how long it takes until the dental implant, dental crown or bridge is fabricated and ready to be used. In most cases, such restorations might take several days until they are fabricated, depending on complexity, materials, and more. In any case, the dentist in Dubai will provide this kind of information and will notify the patient about the next visit.

Patients who want to regain their smile another time or to improve it have at their disposal innovative treatments, such as dental veneers in Dubai. With the help of thin layers of porcelain, discolored or chipped teeth are restored. An experienced dentist will make a dental evaluation in the first place, and if there are dental problems to solve, these will be made before the porcelain layers are placed on the tooth. Contact us for a free case evaluation of your teeth. 

Choosing a certified dental laboratory in Dubai

It is important to know that our dentists in Dubai work only with certified dental laboratories. Moreover, a certified dental laboratory must meet international standards in terms of professionals in the field, training, equipment, health controls, manufacturing, and more. A dental laboratory in Dubai can work only if the Dental Appliance Manufacturers Audit Scheme certificate is issued. Several approvals must be obtained from the local dental authorities because the safety of patients is important. 

Our dentists in Dubai have solid collaborations with certified dental laboratories in the city and assure their clients that all the dental treatments respect the procedures and regulations imposed. You can rely on professionalism, confidence, and competence when choosing our team of dentists in Dubai. Here are interesting facts and figures about oral care and denture:

  • Nearly 61% of tadults are attracted by a person’s smile.
  • It takes 17 muscles to smile.
  • We spend around 39 hours in a lifetime brushing the teeth.
  • The second most common disease in the world is tooth decay.
  • About 75% of school children have active tooth cavities.

Patients interested in more details about the tasks of dental laboratories in Dubai can contact our specialists. Our dentists in Dubai can provide a wide range of dental treatments in accordance with the needs of the patients.