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Dental Hygienist in Dubai

Dental Hygienist in Dubai

The American Dental Association describes the dental hygienist as the type of dentist in charge of specific oral procedures, working closely with other specialists in stomatology. The procedures of a dental hygienist in Dubai can be explained to those interested in our services. We also present you with a few interesting and useful facts about dental hygienists in Dubai, mentioning that one of our dentists in Dubai can provide a wide range of services.

 Quick Facts  
 What does a dental hygienist do for patients?  Offers professional dental cleanings in a dental office

 What does a professional dental cleaning entail?  

Specific procedures to remove plaque and tartar 

 First examination  

 A dental hygienist in Dubai can evaluate the patient’s teeth before starting the treatment to remove bacterial plaque and tartar.

 Instruments used by a dental hygienist in Dubai  Ultrasonic devices and water jets used to remove tartar and bacterial plaque 
 Toothbrush session

 Special electric brushes are used to remove debris after professional teeth cleaning.


 Sanitization technique, with a jet of water and fine particles of sodium bicarbonate – with the help of this technique, stains are removed from the teeth

 Can a dental hygienist use X-rays before starting the treatment? (YES/NO)  


Using special solutions as part of the treatment  

Rinsing the denture with a solution that contains liquid fluoride 

 Fluoride treatment used (YES/NO)  


 Molar sealants   Recommended by a dental hygienist in Dubai to help prevent cavities, especially for children 
Level of pain   

Patients feel minimal discomfort during a professional dental cleaning session. 

 Treatment duration 

 Around 40 minutes

 Recommendations after a professional dental cleaning  

It is recommended that food be consumed at least two hours after the treatment. Foods that stain teeth should be avoided. 

 Other treatments offered by a dental hygienist in Dubai  

– non-surgical interventions,

– polish dental restorations,

– suture removal,

– applying temporary dental fillings 

How many times can a professional dental cleaning be done per year?    At least twice a year, as recommended by our dental hygienist in Dubai 

What does a dental hygienist do?

As mentioned earlier, a dental hygienist is involved in specific tasks in a dental clinic. For instance, such a dentist can perform professional dental cleanings to remove plaque and tartar. This is a special procedure that a patient must consider twice per year for a healthy denture. Here are other important tasks and procedures that enter the attention of a dental hygienist in Dubai:

  • Screening procedures for patients before specific treatments like toot canals, tooth extraction, surgical interventions, etc.
  • A dental hygienist can apply dental sealants and other materials necessary for specific treatments.
  • Such a specialist can verify the medical history of a patient and prepare specific documentation.
  • Dental X-rays can be made by a dental hygienist.
  • Specific oral hygiene recommendations and strategies can be proposed by a dental hygienist in Dubai.

These are a few of the tasks and procedures of a dental hygienist in Dubai. Our specialists have experience in a wide range of dental procedures and treatments and we invite you to our modern dental clinics in Dubai for extra details.

Removing the plaque and tartar 

A dental hygienist can perform a complete professional dental cleaning to remove plaque and tartar. Such a procedure is normally recommended at least twice per year for a healthy denture without caries and cavities. The bacteria deposited on the teeth can turn into serious damages for teeth, and in some cases, it’s too late to save them. Here is how a professional dental cleaning takes place:

  1. A physical examination followed by a dental x-ray will be made in the first place.
  2. The level of plaque and tartar will be determined before any dental operation.
  3. The dental hygienist will prepare the denture and perform a series of procedures to remove the plaque and tartar.
  4. Any left pieces are then removed with the help of an electric toothbrush and special toothpaste.
  5. A specific flossing session is then made, alongside a special mouth rinse.

This kind of professional dental cleaning is not painful and can be done in approximately 30-40 minutes. If you would like to know more about a professional dental cleaning performed by a dental hygienist in Dubai, feel free to get in touch with us.

If you want to repair your teeth and benefit from a beautiful smile, we recommend dental veneers in Dubai. The treatment is offered with the help of the latest-generation technology, and the patients will not feel any pain. Thus, porcelain films can be easily applied to problematic teeth, followed by a grinding session. The final result is as expected, the patients benefit from a complete and correct treatment for a spectacular smile.

Other tasks of a dental hygienist in Dubai

Besides performing professional dental cleanings, a dental hygienist in Dubai can take care of other aspects too. He or she works closely with the dentist in Dubai and can prepare the anesthesia for patients, develop dental x-rays, remove sutures, polish dental restorations, prepare patients for different surgical or non-surgical interventions. Temporary dental fillings can be applied by a dental hygienist because he/she has experience in this field. If you would like to know more about the dental services offered in our dental clinics in Dubai, feel free to send us your inquiries.

Choosing our dental hygienists in Dubai

We have a specialized team of dental hygienists in Dubai, with experience in a wide range of procedures and dental treatments. Our patients are treated with complete attention right from the start because we want to provide the best services possible. Plus, our dental offices in Dubai are equipped with top technology in dentistry and we use the latest treatments to provide excellent outcomes. We have gathered some interesting facts and figures about denture that might attract your attention:

  • It is a well-known fact that regular dental cleanings can prevent heart attacks.
  • Unfortunately, 25% of the adults do not brush the denture twice per day as recommended.
  • Around 75% of school children all over the world suffer from dental cavities.
  • It is believed that the first toothbrush was discovered in China, in 1498.
  • People spend around 39 hours in a lifetime to brush the teeth.

Interested in more details about the tasks of a dental hygienist in Dubai? We kindly invite you to contact our team of dentists in Dubai and find out all you need to know. We have experience in a wide range of dental treatments and we can offer excellent dental services.