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Dental Fillings in Dubai

Dental Fillings in Dubai

Content overseen by dr. Cristina Novac who has an experience of over 8 years in stomatology and is a certified doctor in general dentistry.  

Dental fillings have been used since the 19th century and encountered varied improvements over the years. Our dentists in Dubai can offer details about the available dental fillings for each patient, according to his/her needs. In cases of tooth lossdental implants in Dubai can be suggested, in order to restore the denture and improve the appearance.

How can a dental filling help?

In our modern dental clinics in Dubai, all patients can receive dental check-ups where problems are detected and then treated after an established dental treatment plan. Dental fillings are used in cases of tooth decay, where the dentist in Dubai removes the decay and then seals the hole in the tooth with the help of dental fillings which come in different forms. It is good to know that a filling is a suitable method used to restore a damaged tooth and can also prevent decay not to developing after such treatment. On the other hand, the dentist can propose veneers in Dubai, a special treatment with excellent results.

Here is a video with details and information about the dental fillings available in Dubai

Types of dental fillings

Composite resin, silver, gold, porcelain, or amalgams are among the dental fillings used in our dental clinics, following the patient’s desire, but with the final decision of the dentist who knows better if a particular material is suitable or not, considering the gravity of the problem. Even more, some patients are allergic to certain materials, therefore, complete attention is offered when the dental fillings are chosen. The most used dental fillings can be recommended and provided in all dental clinics in Dubai. The following information highlights in large lines a few of the most common dental fillings:

  • the composite resin is made of plastic, can have the same color as the tooth, and is placed in the hole of the tooth where it hardens. This material can last about ten years;
  • the amalgam fillings are made of silver, can last a lifetime, are resistant, and are not expensive. Having a dark color, an amalgam filling is frequently used for the back teeth;
  • the porcelain fillings are also named onlays or inlays, are durable, and are created in a dental laboratory. These fillings can cover the entire tooth, can have the same color as the other teeth, and are extremely resistant;
  • the gold fillings can last about 15 years, are considered the best fillings, and are the most expensive dental treatments. This kind of filling is well tolerated by the body and it has been used for many years.

According to recent studies and information provided by dentalproductsreport.com (the platform that provides information about all dental materials, technology, and supplies), mercury-free amalgam for dental fillings is possible and available in all dental clinics. This means that mercury-free dental fillings have changed restorative methods by introducing more minimally invasive methods and techniques for treating caries and cavities.

Your dentist in Dubai will provide you with information about the treatments available and will explain which one is suitable for your dental problems. You can also check the following infographic for extra details:

How is a dental filling placed

decayed tooth is cleaned under local anesthesia with varied dental instruments, including a laser if the amount of decay needs other types of treatments. The Dubai dentist will then prepare the area, or in other words, the hole in the teeth for dental fillings. In varied cases, to protect the root and the nerve, a liner made of glass composite resin can be placed. The next step is placing the dental filling (porcelain, gold, plastic, amalgam) inside the tooth, and then hardening it with special lights. A successful dental filling is not high compared to the other teeth, but if such a problem occurs, the dentist will polish it until it gets even and the denture closes properly. Additional information about tooth filling costs in Dubai can be provided by our dentists.

The costs of dental implants in Dubai are affordable for any type of client, and the services offered by our dentists are in line with the current standards in the dental field. If you want such a treatment, you can contact us and find out information about what this entails. Among the benefits, we mention the restoration of the smile, with the help of the replacement of the missing teeth, and the functions of the teeth. Proper oral hygiene will provide a long life for implants of this kind.

What are the advantages of gold dental fillings?

Gold fillings are durable materials that can last around 15 years without breaking, can resist chewing forces and are quite preferred by patients who do not like amalgam or silver fillings. It is important to know that gold fillings are expensive compared to other dental fillings. If you are interested in gold dental fillings, you should know that at least 2 visits to the dental clinic in Dubai are needed for such a treatment. You can talk to one of our dentists in Dubai and find out more about the dental fillings and materials suitable for your problems. They can also tell you about the prices for dental implants in Dubai.

Temporary dental fillings as part of a treatment

Temporary dental fillings are normally placed on the tooth after different procedures are executed, and until the permanent one is ready. The dentist will perform a root canal treatment, if needed, will eliminate caries, and then will seal the tooth with temporary dental fillings made of composite materials. In this time, permanent dental fillings are created with the help of a pattern or shape of the problematic tooth. Temporary dental fillings are used in any case of tooth restorations because in some cases, the pulp chamber might be irritated, and therefore, healing time is needed. Your dentist can tell you more about the materials for temporary dental fillings and about the time needed for this kind of treatment.

What are indirect fillings? Are these a solution?

Indirect fillings are about the same thing as tooth-colored or composite fillings, with the mention that these can be made in a dental laboratory. An indirect filling can be used for teeth without enough structure to support a filling, or for teeth that are not so damaged for placing a crown. Just like in all cases, the tooth will be repaired, caries will be eliminated or the old filling will be detached before the tooth is repaired with an indirect dental filling. The next step is to take an impression and record the shape of the tooth or teeth before sending them to the dental laboratory where the indirect filling will be created. Meanwhile, the patient will receive a temporary dental filling until the permanent one is placed.

This means that for having indirect dental fillings you will need two dental visits for this procedure. Inlays and onlays are two types of indirect dental fillings that can be received as treatments in our dental offices in Dubai. It is good to know that such fillings can last up to 30 years and can have the color of natural teeth. Those interested in other treatments can talk to one of our specialists. We are here to tell you more about dental filling costs in Dubai.

Details about tooth-colored fillings

The advantage of this kind of filling is that it costs less than a gold one, and is placed directly in most cases, in a single dental visit. Our Dubai dentists use natural-looking materials instead of metal and non-metal elements, such as porcelain and composite resins, which are both durable and safe. And besides that, the tooth will look like a natural one.

In dentistry, it is well-known that metallic amalgams and fillings cannot properly bond with the teeth, and that is why, our dentist in Dubai offers information about the latest technology in the field, like tooth-colored fillings made from materials that can properly bond with the natural tooth. Would you like to know more about dental filling costs in Dubai? Contact our dental clinic in Dubai.

Direct tooth-colored fillings

Cavities resulting from decay can be restored with direct fillings, like resin, which is placed instantly, in layers, with the help of special lights. This dental procedure can be done quite fast, in just one or two hours, and the patient can go home right after that. Direct restorations can be made under local anesthesia if the dentist considers it is necessary for your case. More about dental filling costs in Dubai can be discussed with us.

Indirect tooth-colored fillings

These types of fillings are used for elaborate teeth restoration when a patient has lost about 90% of teeth. There will be several dental visits because there are many procedures implied, in order to rebuild the denture. You might want to know information about tooth filling costs in Dubai, which is why we invite you to contact us.

What is glass ionomer material?

Many dentists will offer specific details about certain materials used for fillings, and the glass ionomer material is a great option. They have the same color as the teeth, cost less than a gold filling, are durable, and can be placed in only one dental visit.

Our dentists can provide information on this kind of treatment and also about teeth gap filling costs in Dubai. A personalized offer can be made.

Porcelain materials for your teeth

Porcelain materials are the most used ceramics for many dental restorations because they are hard and can properly mix with metal. Porcelain fillings have the same color as the teeth and are quite expensive, but they can last a lifetime.

Would you like to know more about tooth filling costs in Dubai? Contact our team of dentists in Dubai at any time.

Dental fillings for children

Unfortunately, children are quite exposed to tooth decay at any given moment. Such oral hygiene may be a precarious one and from here, encountering problems of this kind. When you go with your child to one of our dental clinics in Dubai, it will be explained to you, after a prior check, if there are cavities and how they can be repaired. The priority is to restore the health of the oral cavity and especially the teeth affected by caries, for which tooth-colored filling named composite resin can be recommended. Among the reasons why this treatment time is recommended, we mention:

  • It is very easy to prepare and there is no need for amalgam filling.
  • It is a functional treatment that does not require materials used for a certain period.
  • It is possible to prepare the exact color of the natural tooth to be treated for caries.
  • You can also opt for sealants, materials that can prevent caries in the future.
  • Small fillings are used to seal the tooth after cleaning and sanitizing it.

We specify that our dentist in Dubai will be able to perform local anesthesia, but some information about the medical history of the little patient is also needed, which only a parent can provide. We can also provide information about tooth filling costs in Dubai.

On the other hand, children can benefit from orthodontics in Dubai and special treatments for strengthening the teeth.

Can dental fillings for children be recommended in other situations?

In most cases, dental fillings are recommended for repairing teeth after cavities. These cavities may develop due to a poor diet, excessive sugar consumption, and poor oral hygiene. Here are other situations in which our dentists in Dubai can propose dental fillings for children:

  • incorrect development of teeth or dental anomalies detected,
  • repairing teeth after a trauma or dental emergency,
  • for the repair of discolored teeth,
  • after a root canal treatment.

The dentist is the one who can tell you when it is necessary to switch to dental fillings for your child or if other alternatives are recommended for repairing the teeth of little ones. Contact us for information about tooth filling costs in Dubai.

How is a dental filling placed for the teeth of the children?

The whole procedure starts with a friendly conversation with the child who is going to receive the treatment already accepted by the parents. Dialogue and empathy are very important, and a dentist specializing in pediatrics will help you a lot in this regard.
Parents should know that there are several types of local anesthesia and that they allow the treatment to take place in optimal conditions. Laughing gas can be used or even general anesthesia which can take place in a specialized hospital.
The decayed place must then be cleaned with special tools and the place must be sanitized. Depending on the anesthesia offered, open communication can be developed and explain in suitable terms what are the steps of the treatment, to eliminate the tension and the state of discomfort.

It is very important to choose the right dentist in this case, therefore, we invite you to our dental clinics in Dubai to find out more information, including about teeth gap filling costs in Dubai.

Can a baby tooth be removed instead of providing a dental filling?

Although the dentist in Dubai recommends repairing the problematic tooth when the first signs of decay appear, there are also special situations. For example, if it is about baby teeth, it is known that it will fall out, as part of the development process of the new set of teeth. The dentist is the only one who can say if the tooth affected by caries can still be saved or if it needs to be removed.

The idea of not visiting the dentist when a problem of this kind appears, namely a decayed tooth, in the hope that it will fall out at some point, is wrong. It is best to contact a specialist in the field to guide you on the necessary treatments.

Taking care of the teeth when having dental fillings

The oral care routine should not be changed after receiving dental fillings. Of course, some patients might feel a little bit of sensitivity or discomfort, but it is quite normal, so you don’t have to worry about it. In this case, the brushing techniques should be adjusted for a couple of days, meaning that the area with dental fillings should be carefully washed, without aggressive moves. The interdental cleaning should also be done with extra care. In addition, mouth rinses and mouthwashes must be used every time the denture is cleaned because this is a great method to protect the teeth against bacteria and dental plaque.

As for future dental visits, these should be booked with the dentist who will normally see you in a couple of weeks to verify the status of the denture and dental fillings. There are also restrictions when it comes to food and aliments. It is forbidden to eat hard foods like nuts, almonds, peanuts, crunchy pizza, toast, or anything like it, and enjoy soft aliments for a couple of days. Vegetable soups, puddings, soft meat, grilled or steamed vegetables, rice, lentils, and soft fruits should be part of your new diet for a few days, even if this should be in our daily habits. It is important to let the healing take its course, protecting the denture as much as possible.

Interested in some dental facts? Here is some information you might find fascinating:

  1. Unfortunately, tooth decay is the second most common disease after cold;
  2. The hardest part of the human body is not the bone, it’s the tooth enamel;
  3. Only 86% of the women choose to brush their teeth twice per day;
  4. toothbrush needs to be replaced at least 4 times in a year;
  5. 90% of the known diseases are connected to oral symptoms.

The dental fillings are suitable options for patients with decay, and for complete information in this matter, we invite you to contact our team of dentists in Dubai. We can tell you more about tooth filling cost in Dubai.