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Dental Clinic in Deira, Dubai

Dental Clinic in Deira, Dubai

Our dental clinic in Dubai, Deira provides a wide range of services and treatments tailored to the needs of the clients. We work with top technology in dentistry, so we invite you to our dental clinic in Deira and find out more about the services we provide and about the prices involved. We present to you a few of the treatments you can solicit in our dental clinic in Dubai, Deira, with the mention that complete information can be offered by our team of specialists.

 Quick Facts  
Available dental treatments in Deira

– dental implants,

– veneers,

– teeth cleaning,

– endodontic treatments,

– periodontal treatments, etc.

Emergency treatments (YES/NO)


Pediatric dentistry (YES/NO)


Cosmetic dentistry treatments

– teeth whitening,

– veneers,

– dental bonding,

– tooth contouring, etc.

Orthodontic treatments

– braces,

– retainers,

– aligners,

– orthodontic surgery,

– headgears, etc.

Periodontal treatments

– scaling and root planning,

– periodontal surgery,

– pocket reduction, etc.

Endodontic treatments

– root canal treatment,

– endodontic retreatment,

– endodontic surgery, etc.

Types of dental implants

– single-tooth,

– multiple-tooth,

– full-mouth

Types of dental crowns

– metal,

– gold,

– all-porcelain,

– porcelain fused-to-metal,

– zirconia

Dental extractions (YES/NO)


Dental treatments for pregnant women

Under certain considerations and precautions


Available, but it depends on the specific case and the needs of the patient.

Preventive dentistry

– teeth cleaning,

– fluoride treatments,

– routine exams, etc.

Treatment for a dental abscess Our dentists will drain the abscess and clean the affected area.
Why choose our clinic in Deira

– accessibility,

– budget-friendly prices,

– professional team,

– wide range of services,

– personalized services, etc.

Can I ask for dental implants? 

Yes, dental implants in Deira can be excellent treatments for patients who want to improve the denture and gain a brand-new smile. Dental implants are artificial teeth that successfully replace the old and damaged ones. If you step into our modern dental clinic in Dubai, Deira you will receive complete information about the dental implant types available. Here are some details about dental implants you should consider: 

  1. Dental implants can replace one or mode damaged teeth.
  2. Each dental implant is custom-made, so every patient benefits from complete attention in this matter.
  3. The osseointegration might prolong for a few months before the dental implant is settled. Several dental visits might be needed.
  4. The final result is spectacular and patients will benefit from a great smile and complete functions of the teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry in Deira

Cosmetic dentistry is an important branch and covers a wide range of dental services meant to improve the denture of a patient. Teeth whitening, veneers, tooth reshaping, dental crowns, and bonding are part of cosmetic dentistry that can be received by our patients in our dental clinic in Dubai, Deira. You can speak to one of our dentists in Dubai Deira and find out more about cosmetic dentistry.

Root canal treatments in Deira

Endodontic treatments are at the disposal of patients who face severe dental problems. In this case, the root canals can be cleaned with the help of root canal treatments made in our dental clinic in Deira. There are specific interventions that must be made, to repair a tooth or several teeth. You can discuss with our team of dentists in Deira and find out more.

Stained, discolored, or chipped teeth can be repaired with the help of veneers in Dubai. These fine porcelain films are durable and can transform problematic teeth into perfectly functional and beautiful ones. Thus, damaged teeth can be repaired, without the patient feeling discomfort. In addition, such a treatment is also recommended for the fact that it has a lifespan of 10-20 years, depending on the patient’s oral hygiene. We invite you to discuss with our dentist more about this type of treatment.

Teeth straightening in Deira

Teeth straightening is available in our dental clinic in Dubai, Deira and it is addressed to persons wishing to repair and correct the position of the teeth. Dental brackets made of metal or ceramic are available in our Deira clinic, so if you would like to know more details about the teeth straightening treatments, you are invited to discuss all the details with our specialists.

Can I receive emergency dental treatments in Deira?

Yes, you can benefit from emergency dental treatments in Deira. Broken or cracked teeth, dental injuries as a result of an accident may occur at a certain time, so persons found in this difficult situation can receive emergency dental treatments in our clinic in Deira. Feel free to talk to our dentists in Deira and find out all you need to know.

Dental veneers to restore your smile

Dental veneers are thin porcelain layers that can be placed on chipped or discolored teeth. This is a great dental treatment if you would like to repair your denture. Dental veneers are durable and can change the appearance of the denture instantly. Many patients choose dental veneers and are happy to regain back the smile and the beautiful appearance that comes with it. You are invited to talk to our dentists in Deira and look for complete information.

Periodontal treatments in Deira

Gingivitis and periodontitis can affect quite much the denture and persons suffering from these dental problems can lose the teeth. You can benefit from periodontal treatments in Deira and solve these severe dental illnesses. Talk to our team of dentists in Deira and ask about the proper oral treatments for gingivitis and periodontitis.

Why choose our dental clinic in Dubai Deira

Our dental clinic in Dubai, Deira is properly equipped with top technology in dentistry. We provide a wide range of dental services and treatments tailored to the needs of our patients. Plus, our dentists in Deira are experienced and skilled, they know how to talk to the patients and how to provide the needed comfort and relaxation. Here are a few details you might want to know about denture:

  • According to Authoritydental.org, the online platform sustained by dentists worldwide, persons who smoke are 4 times more likely to develop serious dental problems.
  • Statistics say that 61% of people are attracted by a person’s smile.
  • An adult laughs around 15 times per day, while kids 400 times a day.
  • The first dental hygienist is believed to be registered in 1905 in America.

Looking for complete dental treatments? Please feel free to contact our dental clinic in Dubai, Deira and ask for information.