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Dental Clinic in Dubai Healthcare City

Dental Clinic in Dubai Healthcare City

Finding the best medical services can take you to other countries at some point. This is also the case for people who choose Dubai for complete dental services, but also for tourism. If you  want the right treatments, made with the latest technology in the field, then you can turn your attention to the services offered at the dental clinic in Rigga. Our dentists can provide you with all the necessary details about the services of the dental clinic in Al Rigga, so don’t hesitate to talk to us.

Dental services provided by our dentist in Al Rigga

It is natural to want the right dental services for the problems you encounter. But if you can’t find them when you need them, you can turn your attention to our dental clinic in Al Rigga, Dubai. Among the facilities and treatments offered in this clinic, the following could be useful to you:

  1. Dental implants in Dubai – There are alternatives to missing teeth, and these are dental implants. What is important to remember is that dental implants can replace several teeth or can be fitted in a single day, depending on the treatment chosen.
  2. Teeth whitening – A Hollywood smile is definitely charming, that’s why you can choose our attractive teeth whitening packages. The procedure is simple and painless, and patients will leave the office not only with a smile on their face but also with satisfactory expectations.
  3. Teeth straightening – Crooked teeth have a solution at hand, and this is the braces. Such treatment can be offered to both children and adults. It is important to note that regular visits to the dentist will be required.
  4. Dental veneers – These are fine pieces made of porcelain, which are mounted on the teeth and offer a completely new smile. This treatment is suggested for patients with crooked or stained teeth.
  5. Root canal treatments – This type of treatment is offered if patients have teeth severely affected by caries. Once the nerve channels are cleaned and treated, they are sealed with special materials, and the tooth crown is restored.
  6. Professional dental cleaning – Plaque, and tartar constantly accumulate on the teeth, therefore, regular professional dental cleaning is needed. Oral hygiene after brushing your teeth at least twice a day is extremely important for dental health.

These are some of the dental services offered by our dentist in Al Rigga, but for more information, please contact us. We invite you to the dental clinic in Al Rigga to find out all the details about our treatments.

Pediatric dentist in Al Rigga, Dubai

According to dentists, children should go to the dental office from the age of two. The little ones will be greeted in a pleasant atmosphere at the dental clinic in Rigga, Dubai, and the pediatricians will know how to offer all the comfort so that they can be as relaxed as possible at the doctor.

Each patient is unique, and the treatments are tailor-made. The parents are the ones who decide for their children, depending on the dental problems. So, do not hesitate to come to our dental clinic in Al Rigga and discover pediatric dental services.

Interested in veneers in Dubai? We invite you to our dental office to repair your teeth. Thus, this treatment is recommended for those with discolored or chipped teeth. Everything starts with a consultation, followed by solving any detected problems. It then proceeds to the installation of thin layers of porcelain on the teeth, followed by grinding for a natural look of the teeth. our dentists can provide you with all the information that interests you.

Emergency treatments at the dental clinic in Al Rigga, Dubai

Urgent dental problems cannot be delayed. An accident that caused a broken tooth, an inflamed one, or unbearable pain are some of the dental emergencies that you may face at some point. In such situations you need a team of dentists specialized in such dental emergencies. That’s why we invite you to our dental clinic in Rigga, Dubai, to find out how you can be helped and what the best treatments are.

Periodontal treatments in a dental clinic in Rigga, Dubai

Gums affected by plaque and bacteria can undergo visible changes. Teeth become more exposed to these problems and therefore more sensitive. This is where the periodontal disease that requires immediate treatment comes into play. A dentist who specializes in this area can provide the right treatment to get rid of gum retraction and provide much-needed oral health.

As for oral hygiene and dental problems worldwide, the following interesting statistics were published by the World Health Organization:

  • Over 3.5 billion of the adult population suffers from oral diseases.
  • Tooth decay affects over 530 million children worldwide.
  • About 20% of people suffer from dental trauma at some point in their lives.
  • One baby out of 1000 is born with cleft lip and palate due to the consumption of alcohol and tobacco by the mother during pregnancy, but also due to improper nutrition.

If you have crooked or crowded teeth, a teeth straightener might help. You can discover orthodontics in Dubai and our dentists who offer such treatments. The procedure for mounting a dental appliance is quite simple and does not require local anesthesia. Discomfort is minimal, but patients may experience slight pain after fitting this device until they get used to it. All information can be provided by our dentists if you call us.

Are you interested in the treatments offered in our dental clinic in Al Rigga? We invite you to contact our specialists and discover personalized offers.