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Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Cracked Tooth Syndrome

In our modern dental clinics in Dubai, our doctors deal will all kinds of dental problems. One on them is the cracked tooth syndrome, which can turn into a serious issue if not treated in time. Our dentists in Dubai are ready to offer suitable and complete information about the cracked tooth syndrome and the necessary treatments. Besides that, you can ask for details about the dental implants in Dubai, which are 100% recommended for patients who suffered from tooth loss.

What you need to know about the tooth cracked syndrome 

The cracked tooth syndrome is a dental problem where tiny cracks on teeth cannot be seen on a normal dental x-ray or are placed under the gum tissue, which makes it a little bit hard to detect and repair. Such small cracks on teeth usually appear on molars and patients will start to feel pain when drinking hot or cold water and feeling the cold air when breathing through the open mouth.

There are situations when people develop tooth cracks because of bruxism, the involuntary bad habit of grinding the teeth. If not treated in time, the cracked tooth syndrome might lead to other severe dental problems like decay or tooth loss. The cracked tooth syndrome cannot be seen and detected with a simple look at the teeth. Our Dubai dentist will use special dental x-rays, a bite stick transillumination, and a microscope to repair the small crack on the teeth.

The cracked tooth syndrome needs to be treated

Eating hard food, besides bruxism is also an important reason why people develop the cracked tooth syndrome. In time, these small cracks which are not repaired or treated will develop and spread, making a suitable environment for the bacteria and decay to intervene. As we all know, the next step involves toothaches, unbearable teeth pain and the impossibility to properly eat and speak. The Dubai dentist will use all kinds of dental instruments to verify if you really suffer from the cracked tooth syndrome or if you have developed other symptoms and dental problems. It is good to know that if the cracked tooth syndrome is noticed from the early stages, the treatment will be more conservative, with the chance to prevent future problems.

We kindly invite you to contact our team of dentists in Dubai for extra information about the cracked tooth syndrome and the available treatments in our clinics.