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Complications of Cavities

Complications of Cavities

Cavities are common dental problems encountered in many patients who do not pay sufficient attention to their denture. If not treated in time, the cavities may turn into unwanted and unpleasant complications, one of them being the tooth loss. If you have cavities and you are afraid to treat them or you suffer from severe pain, we invite you in our modern dental clinics in Dubai, where complete attention and suitable dental treatments will be applied by our experienced dentists in Dubai. For any tooth loss you might suffer, we inform you that there are interesting ways of regaining the health of the teeth and the appearance by receiving dental implants in Dubai.

What happens if you do not treat the cavities in time?

Left untreated, the decay and the cavities can transform into severe complications where the pain is present and unbearable. Besides that, a patient can develop an abscess, can have chewing difficulties, can experience a broken tooth and can eat with extreme difficulty due to a severe pain and a swollen face. All these because decay ate the dentin, an important layer of the tooth, and let bacteria touch the roots of the tooth, due to an already created hole. Cavities with no professional treatments will lead to tooth loss, and the last stage being, of course, changing the smile and the appearance. Our Dubai dentists can perform numerous treatments and can repair the first signs of cavities and even the complications.

Go to the dentist if you have developed cavities

Instead of letting the cavities develop severe complications, we suggest you see a dentist and receive a professional dental care where the following steps are included:

•    for severe pains, an oral sedation will be added;
•    the dentist will examine your denture with the help of dental x-rays;
•    a root canal will be offered to clean the damaged area;
•    the teeth will be cleaned with special dental instruments;
•    a professional dental cleaning will be suggested;
•    filling materials will be used to close the cleaned area of the tooth;
•    all interventions are made under local anesthesia.

In order to avoid the severe complication of cavities, we remind that you can get in touch with our team of dentists in Dubai for complete information and suitable treatments.