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Causes of the Tooth Sensitivity

Causes of the Tooth Sensitivity

Suffering from tooth sensitivity and you don’t know why? It is time to step into our modern dental clinics in Dubai and receive special dental treatments in this matter. After a suitable examination of your denture, the dentist in Dubai can also provide you with details and complete information about the available dental implants in Dubai. It is good to know that tooth sensitivity is treatable and patients can regain the oral health and the proper functions of the mouth.

With do we develop tooth sensitivity?

Numerous people avoid drinking hot beverages or eating cold foods because they feel tooth pain. Besides that, toothaches can arise while brushing or flossing the teeth. There are many causes why tooth sensitivity develops on a person, and it is good to know that such problems can be fixed at the dentist, after a suitable diagnosis. Gum diseases, worn tooth enamel, tooth decay, exposed tooth root or fractured teeth are reasons why a person meets tooth sensitivity and toothaches. Acids from beverages and foods can damage the dentin of the tooth, causing erosion, and resulting in hyper sensibility and the impossibility of eating or enjoying particular drinks and foods. Having receding gums will expose the root of the tooth, leading to sensibility while eating, drinking or brushing the teeth.

Many people adopted an aggressive way of brushing the teeth, which injures the enamel of the teeth, making them sensitive even to air when opening the mouth. Broken teethfissures on the teeth and tooth decay also cause sensitivity, severe circumstances which call for a dental visit. Our dentists in Dubai will put a diagnosis and then will offer the needed treatment according to the status of the teeth.

Treating tooth sensitivity in Dubai

From the beginning, we remind that it is necessary to talk to your dentist in Dubai and communicate what kind of a toothache you meet while having particular foods. The next step is to have some dental x-rays and detect the possible causes of you tooth sensitivity. There are cases where patients do not know they have developed cavities, or the worn fillings have crashed and need to be replaced. People with periodontitis can receive professional cleanings and root canal treatments. Eventually, a gum pocket reduction might be necessary to cover the roots of the teeth and avoiding the exposure to hot and cold foods or beverages that cause sensitivity. As for a final and important step, the Dubai dentist will apply a fluoride foam or gel for a few minutes to fortify the tooth enamel. The same fluoride treatment can be considered at home, with special toothpaste and mouthwashes which can be recommended by our team of dentists.

If you want healthy teeth, we invite you to benefit from our suitable dental treatments. Contact our team of dentists in Dubai for extra help and information.