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Causes of Bruxism

Causes of Bruxism

Sleep bruxism or teeth grinding is a severe dental problem diagnosed on many patients who are usually not aware of such issue but do wake up with headaches, jaw pain or a toothache. The treatments for bruxism will pretty much depend on the causes and the ways of eliminating them, which is why we recommend you solicit information in this matter from our dentists in Dubai. There are circumstances where a tooth can no longer be saved and the dentist will suggest you dental implants in Dubai.

Why does bruxism develop on patients?

Numerous patients who develop bruxism might have issues related to the upper and lower jaw which do not align correctly. Uneven teeth might also lead to teeth grinding while sleeping. These are signs you should consider and mention to your dentist in Dubai, who can suggest you wear braces as a first step of treating bruxism. According to research in dentistry, psychological problems are related to bruxism. Sleep talking, sleep disorders, anxiety, and stress can cause teeth grinding for numerous patients. Such situations require seeing a dentist and also a specialist in physical disorders.

Having unhealthy habits like alcohol consumption, tobacco and coffee use can intensify the risk of bruxism for numerous patients.  You should seek advice and proper treatments if you want to get rid of the unpleasant teeth grinding while sleeping. There have been several research and discoveries in dentistry, where scientists say that bruxism can develop in patients with Parkinson or Huntington diseases. We remind that in our modern dental clinics in Dubai you can solicit details about the available treatments for bruxism, among many other cures for several dental problems.

How to treat bruxism?

Once the causes have been discovered, it is time to adopt a suitable treatment to bruxism. In the beginning, the Dubai dentist will suggest to his patients the benefits of using mouthguards during the sleep. Meanwhile, the patient needs to see the dentist who will repair the damaged teeth and will perform specific dental treatments to adjust the teeth or to correct the tooth alignmentBruxism leads to the loss of tooth enamel, which is why patients should use special toothpaste with extra fluoride to strengthen the teeth. We remind that brushing and flossing the teeth daily are still mandatory habits, no matter if you have healthy teeth or if you want to maintain a good oral health

We invite you to contact our team of dentists in Dubai for complete details about the causes of bruxism and the available treatments for this dental problem.