Early Diastema - How Can it be Treated?

Updated on Friday 21st September 2018

The small gap between the two front teeth is known as diastema and it can be corrected in time if proper treatments are provided by a dentist. Whether it is about an adult or about a child for which diastema is a problem, it is recommended to talk to your dentist and find out information about the available treatments. Our dentists in Dubai are at your disposal for a wide range of dental treatments and services in accordance with the patient’s needs.

Describing diastema and its causes 

Diastema appears at early ages and, in most cases, it is related to several habits that are developed in time. Thumb sucking, an improper swallowing reflex or the simple play of the tongue in the mouth are a few of the reasons why diastema or the gap between the teeth appear. Even though diastema is often met between the two upper teeth, this doesn’t mean that it cannot develop between the other two teeth.  Other reasons why diastema develops are linked to the way in which the teeth are developing, and particularly the misaligned ones. The periodontal disease is another cause why diastema appears because it affects the roots and makes the teeth lose, resulting the gap, whether it involves the front teeth or not.

In the case of children, the things are quite simple, and the parents should worry less because the first set of teeth will change, therefore, the gap won’t be a problem. We invite you to our modern dental clinics in Dubai and find out details about the first dental visit of your child and the necessary treatments for the gap between the teeth.

Fixing diastema

Adults who would like to get rid of diastema should talk to a dentist in Dubai who can guide them for the necessary dental treatments. In most cases, directing the teeth back on their position will involve dental braces, only if the treatments for periodontitis have proven successful. Dental veneers, dental bridges or a dental splint are among the treatments which can be offered to those who are interested in fixing the diastema.

Let our team of dentists in Dubai provide you with the necessary support and information about how you can repair the gap between the teeth and about how you can maintain the health of your denture. Please contact us at any time.