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Apicoectomy in Dubai

Apicoectomy in Dubai

Apicoectomy is a procedure that is performed after an antibiotic treatment or root canal operation, when, within the worked tooth, an infection has developed or persists. This type of infection doesn’t show any symptoms (usually), but there can be episodes of swelling or gum boils and, if it is not treated, it will most likely develop into a cyst.

If you are thinking about repairing your teeth, you can opt for dental implants in Dubai. Missing one or more teeth now has a solution, and that is the implant. Our dentists will ask for information about your medical history, after a complete evaluation of your teeth. It is also good to know that such a treatment can be completed in just a few visits to the dentist, with the patients benefiting from the restoration of the teeth’s functions and the recovery of the smile.

The apicoectomy process

Before the operation, it is recommended to consult a dentist at any of the dental clinics in Dubai. However, considering the progress in endodontic microsurgery, the majority of the patients are usually referred to a maxillofacial surgeon or an endodontist so, mostly, the procedure does not take place at an any dentist. The last mentioned specialist has at least two more years of education in root canal treatments, while the maxillofacial surgeons have between four and six years of surgery training. 

The procedure involves cleaning the infection (from the bone), a small tip of the root is removed and then what is left is sealed with a small filling. Most commonly, the operation will take place under the influence of general because, during that time, a small cut will be made in the gum (over the root of the tooth) and the gum will be lifted off the bone. Afterward, by removing a small part of the bone with a dental drill, the infected area is exposed and thus it can be properly cleaned. At the end of the medical procedure, the dentist in Dubai will sew back the gum, using dissolvable stitches. The entire dental operation takes around thirty minutes to complete.

Follow-up and risks involved

The dentists in Dubai will tell each of their patients which medicines to take and what they can eat or drink. Ice should be applied to the area, on and off (each for 20 minutes). This has to be done for the next ten to twelve hours after the procedure.

The area worked on may swell (even more on the second day) after the operation. In case of any pain, it can be controlled with anti-inflammatory medication or the patient can be given a prescription. In this situation, follow the instructions. Also, to allow healing, the person should avoid:

  •  brushing the area vigorously,
  •  smoking,
  •  eating crunchy foods,
  •  lifting the lip in order to examine the area (it can loosen the stitches). 

After surgery, there is a small chance that the patient will be bleeding and, also, feeling numb in the area where he/she has been operated on. 

If there are any other questions that someone would like to be answered regarding this subject or dental implants in Dubai, do not hesitate to contact us.